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Welcome March 2014!

1) First Saturday Breakfast from 8-11am Saturday the 5th
2) BINGO only on Tuesday the 1st as far as I can tell.
3) CMMA Board meeting second Saturday of the month at 10am.
3) USDA Food Distribution is on Monday 21st for sure.
4) PotLuck is on Saturday the 26th at 4PM for sure!

Check our Calendar below for Birthdays, Special Events, and Astronomical happenings :)

There was a whole lot of family and friends showing up to say goodbye to Violet at her Memorial Potluck.
There was lots of food there for all. We all gave Chris Jonas our condolences for losing his beloved wife Violet.

Copper Mountain Mesa NEWS
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By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is bursting at the seams with Wildflowers. The yellow ones blossomed first, as usual, but I’m seeing red everywhere now too; especially Mallow, Beavertail Cactus and Ocotillo.
Jim and I had the honor and pleasure of welcoming daughter Jamie and her husband Dan, with their two-and-a-half year old son, Tucker, for a two-night visit to our Home and Neighborhood. Wow! What a whirlwind of joy, as we filled every moment with memories. Naturally, we visited our world famous Joshua Tree National Park; which was utterly splendid. The Park is gorgeous right now, with fields of wildflowers. We were so impressed with how well everything is managed and taken care of. Hats off to Park Personnel and Volunteers: Whoo-oot! Thanks and jolly good job!
Unfortunately, Jamie, Dan and Tucker did not arrive in time to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at the Community Center last Saturday morning. They missed out: Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil were in fine form: turning out over 50 yum-E breakfasts! We were happy to welcome such a good crowd and a wonderful time was enjoyed by all. We saw several new faces at the Breakfast last week: always a joy to behold. Welcome Neighbors: so happy to see You!
Our Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting is going on at the Community Center this morning, starting at 10. We, the elected officials, continue to search for new and innovative ways to attract people to the Center for neighborly gatherings; in hopes of keeping the doors open and the bills paid. Our Community Center is not owned or operated by San Bernardino County. It belongs to us: the members of this Community. We need to appreciate and take care of it. Pioneering Neighbors built our Center with their own hands, sweat and blood; in order to benefit all of us who are so fortunate to call our beautiful Mesa, Home. Any practical ideas, do-able thoughts?
There’s a big Music-pollooza going on all weekend at The Palms Bar and Restaurant on Amboy Road, in downtown Wonder Valley. Hope to see you there; stay well!

The Year 2013

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held our monthly First Saturday Breakfast last week. Patrick Whalen was his usual charismatic self as he greeted Neighbors at the Cashier’s stop. Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil fixed us mouthwateringly delicious Breakfasts; while Mary Helen Tuttle performed miracles on the dirty dishes! Our Community Association’s President, Kathy Quinn and I waited tables and served Food, juice and coffee. Several members of Kathy’s Family volunteer, including her daughter Hannah, son Matthew and niece Alora. Thank You, we appreciate you!
Every month, we are joined at the Breakfast by an enthusiastic group from the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation:
This month, we were honored to welcome Donna Munoz: Field Representative to San Bernardino County’s Board of Supervisors. Donna has been a familiar face at our Center for decades and it was wonderful to see her. When Mary Helen showed her our Plaque of Honor, Donna was visibly moved, obviously recognizing several names of old Friends not Forgotten.

Braving gale force Winds, walls of dust and zero visibility; Donna also attended our monthly Board meeting the following Monday evening! Thanks Donna; welcome Home!
Vern Fowler, who has been extremely helpful and diligent in his Community efforts, reported to the Meeting that “CERT” Training begins on Thursday May 23 2013, from 6-9pm. The classes will be held at the Community Center and are free: sign-ups still being accepted.

Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper was back in full swing last week. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Hot Dogs and Macaroni Salad for Supper. Attendance numbers are going back up and you know what that means: Bigger pots! Supper starts at 5:30pm and the games begin at 6:30. Our third Monday USDA Food Give-away is on the 15th this month.

The Neighborhood Watch meeting is at 6pm on April 15th; postponed from last Monday.

Happy 26th Anniversary wishes to Mac and Sayoko McDermott. We fondly remember Bob “Stoney” Stonebraker. Happy April Birthday Wishes to: Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Mary Helen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bill Bonner, Ruthie Malton, Roger Toomes, Tim Villareal and Brenda Zimmer. Stay well!

The Year 2009

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community: I drove my neighbor down to Palm Springs for a test at the Desert Medical Center. It’s a huge maze of corridors, offices, and elevators easy to get lost in, which we did. The small waiting room was really claustrophobic with eight chairs for ten patients. While my neighbor filled out paperwork I chatted with a lady sitting across from us, Dorothy Church who lives in Landers. Dorothy, like me, drove a neighbor down. She volunteers at the Senior Center there as a Sunshine girl who writes thank you cards and letters to folks that are ill. I had my portable computer with me and was able to get online through an open WIFI connection! Dorothy thought that was just amazing! She doesn’t use computers and was surprised at how easy it was done.
I got hungry and left the hospital grounds headed out into the community of Palm Springs to find food. On one street I walked past row upon row of small shops and boutiques that were recently closed down and out of business. It looked like a ghost town except for all the cars driving by on the four lane road. Every closed shop is someone’s lost dream. So sad!

Bob Stonebraker had this utility shack in his backyard dismantled and sent into the atmosphere by the high winds of last week. He said that it was alright because now he can glance at Roger Smith’s house to see if he is home.

Thought for the week: I was going to write about nominees for the President’s Cabinet owing back taxes because of "unintentional errors" but instead I have something a little lighter while you fill out your tax forms: As the river of time flows by, sometimes we need to dip our oars into the water and navigate to solid ground.

The Year 2004

By Bob DeLoyd
        Our little Community gits emails: I am from Texas and moved here to beautiful Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree area almost five years ago. I read yer article faithfully every week. Look forward to it. Just wanted you to know that readin yer, (ha ha) article makes me feel right at home. The people here are very warm and friendly not at all what I expected or heard actually, about California. Anyway I love it here and plan to live here always. I also love the wildlife! I feed the birds and all the other critters here. To make a long story short, Just wanted you to know I dearly love your article and so does my hubby. But I do miss one thing. The weekly quotes you use to give for the week. Maybe you have run out? Hope to see those again. And if you can please run an article you did a year ago or so about a stink bug that made a neighbor run out and run into a post? I think we laughed ourselves silly over that one and want to cut it out and save it. Anyway, keep writing Bob, you make our week here. Warm Texas regards from Connie B. and Crew.

        If ya stay inside and been up here for awhile you'd probably have run into one of the most ugliest looking bugs on the face of this here planet. (Or elsewhere for that matter) Vinegarroons, Wind Scorpions, Sun Spiders, or what ever you want to call them, one was on my pillow last night. Woke me up at 3 in the morning. I killed it with a Sue Grafton detective novel I'd been reading. Hmm, "S" is for smash?
        Not my first encounter with them ugly Scorpion want-a-be either. They like to crawl on the ceiling and drop down on you unexpectedly or hide in your clothes and shoes then scare the devil out of you when you put them on. My neighbor said that she never saw her husband strip so fast as when he found one in his boxer shorts!
        Worst, I've seen a woman come screaming out of the house with one entangled in her hair. Got knocked out cold when she hit the fencepost.
        I looked them up at the library and the bug book said they hunt and kill small invertebrate. Yikes! They have large tweezer like mandibles that can cut through a plastic shopping bag, I know, I seen it done! They say if you get bit by one you will taste vinegar in your mouth for a week. Well I've never met anyone who's been bit, it's always 'I know someone who knows someone who's been bit'. I have never been bit and I got them damn ugly bugs crawling around inside my home. Maybe they've been given a bad name. Maybe they are a symbiotic life form and just want to protect us vulnerable humans from other critters of the night. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to shake my clothes and empty my shoes and squish any of those creepy bugs with anything I can lay my hands on! Even another Sue Grafton detective novel if one is laying near by.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding the monthly first Saturday Breakfast this morning; from 8-11a.m. We look forward to serving you and your Family. Join us for a superb breakfast and a pleasant rendezvous with your friends and Neighbors. Patrick, Katherine, Mary Helen, Steve, Kip, Ray, Daniel and I are eagerly awaiting your arrival! We received an unexpected dowsing last week, as an errant cloud doubled back over our neck-o’-the-woods. During Algebra class on Wednesday afternoon, we cowered in our chairs as a big rain pocket stalled overhead and the heavens opened! Fortunately, the rain did not last long, but it was cold and windy. A classmate told me that her son says “...the weather is drunk!” An excellent analogy of last week’s storm, which followed unseasonably warm weather in March. Looks like beautiful days have returned and the wildflowers are glorious.

Upcoming Friday, April 11th, the Digital Photography Class - under expert guidance of the amazing Spelman E. Downer, Art Professor - is putting on a Multi-media show at the Bell Center, on Copper Mountain College Campus; from 7-9p.m. I will be presenting my show that evening, along with a dozen-or-so, gifted classmates. There are some really excellent productions: startling and remarkable. We’ve been stressing out big time; it’s a huge undertaking, requiring much careful consideration, sensitivity, brutal self-honesty, learning-on-the-fly and hard work. I am eager to see the big Show on Friday. I’d love to see you there and you must come and say ‘hellooo”! I’m the tall, “gracefully-aging” blonde with the British accent. La-di-da!
We, the grateful and appreciative Students of Copper Mountain College, are on Spring Break the week preceding Easter. I am so tired, I can hardly wait. I’m desperately slogging with mid-terms, important essay deadlines; along with Photography and learning mind-boggling computer software. Exhausting, yet rewarding!
Big Musical Shindig at The Palms next Saturday and The Sibleys are playing: yay! Can’t wait to hear their four new songs! A band named “Dog” will be playing too; no really! Sibleys lyrics enthusiasts will “get” the enormity of that. Show starts at 5. Stay well!

A Video Blog or Some Such
by Bob DeLoyd
December 2013 to January 2014 Run!

A short video of me running out of 2013 and into 2014. Been doing this for many years and this is my second time videoing it :)

APRIL 2014
Anniversaries Birthdays and Events
Carol Lane BDay

2 3

Patty Bradley BDay

CMMA Breakfast
6 7 8 9

10 11
Maryhelen Tuttle BDay

10 AM

Marie Morrison BDay
Bob Stonebraker remembered

14 15

16 17
Bill Bonner BD

18 19
20 21

Lyra Meteor Shower tonight- best early mornring 22nd before dawn- expect 5 to 20 per hour.
Ruth Malton
Roger Toomes

23 24 25
Mac & Sayoko McDermott
26th Anniversary.
Starts 4:00

27 28 29
Tim Villarreal
Brenda Zimmer




Community Association

Community Center located 4 miles east of Border Ave, 5 miles west of Lear Ave at:
65-336 Winters Road (760)362-5212

Roger Smith's Magic Garden
November 2012

By Roger Smith

So a little update on the no digging technique I began using a couple of years ago is due as I have seen enough to now describe my observations.
The technique is helpful as it keeps the soil sheltered from wind erosion. And adds organic matter with all it's benefits. Attracts a mix of beneficial insects and their opposites [though I have not experienced any pest epidemics by growing lush greenery in the summer].
Also it is not a problem to scratch in a row for seed planting; I simply move the debris away for planting the row then rake it back into place. I did notice that the termites ate a significant portion of the material though the remainder still resisted erosion and kept the soil damp. So.... I did find myself digging in bags of compost this year nonetheless. There are not the worms out here to get a year round digestion of vegetative matter process going. When the heat comes, the worms go. And when the black-eyed pea and buckwheat cover crop gets tall enough, about a foot minimum, I will cut it down with hedge shears and let the plants regrow through the trimmings. Probably a good time to place your compost, manure, and or plant food on the surface, cut down the cover crop and then simply let it lay including a GOOD flooding to get the trimmed plants growing again and wash some nutrients down into the soil profile. I have tried this once this year and am pleased enough to make this a standard practice during the summer months.
By mid August or thereabouts, shut off the water. You can leave the dried out cover crop standing, I would think, though the peas are very hardy and slow to die. One might want to pull them out along the planned planting row and leave those not in the way. Leaving the dead crop standing does reduce the wind's erosive impact on your soil and provides a bit of shelter for young seedlings. And of course, their eventual decay provides nutrients for your growing endeavors. In time though, you'll need to clear a seed row to get the fall crops planted. This shouldn't disturb much; a row taking up several inches in width at the most.
This is also a good method to get green matter into your garden. I gave up collecting lawn clippings when down below when I realised there is an ag chemical problem with material from yard cuttings and trimmings. The cover crop supplies this and decomposes well during the cooler times out here. Anyway, that's about it for this missive and the no digging method. It probably should be named the dig less method. Ya think?

Pleasant gardening, Roger


Shati has been FOUND!
Ok, I know this has been here for a long time
Shati been home for many months now
So dog dang it! give me something else to post!

See Ya Real Soon!

The time has come to take a bold jump into the unknown and fight the beast with yer bare hands.
To go the way of yer ancestors and build a fire for warmth, to slay a critter for food.
To understand the meaning of hunger in a time of plenty.
To spit in the eyes of yer antagonist!
To howl at the moon...
And enjoy life!

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