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Welcome August 2014!

1) First Saturday Breakfast from 8-11am Saturday the 52nd
2) BINGO only on the first Tuesday of the month as far as I can tell.
3) CMMA Board meeting second Saturday of the month at 10am
4) USDA Food Distribution is on third Monday of the month unless notified here.
5) A Memorial PotLuck in honor of Chris Jonas is on Saturday the 30th at 4PM

Check our Calendar below for Birthdays, Special Events, and Astronomical happenings :)

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Coming to a Community Center Near you!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community helped a very special Birthday Girl celebrate her 90th year. Ruth Tuttle honored us by having her Birthday Breakfast with us at the Community Center. The head table was decorated with flowers and party items. Ruth sat in the middle, looking very regal; surrounded by her children and grandchildren; obviously thoroughly enjoying the attention, hugs and kisses. Her son, Chef Steve, created an exquisite breakfast, including mini-pancakes made specially for her: followed by a scrumptious Carrot Birthday cake!
In December 2010, I interviewed Ruth. Here’s an excerpt: “Ruth showed me to her room and proudly pointed out the Family photos on the wall: her late husband, their four daughters and son and all their Grandchildren. Ruth told me she was born in Bakersfield, CA, on August 2nd, 1924. She was 4 when her parents divorced and she and her mother moved to Duarte, where they lived with Ruth’s paternal grandfather Chappelow. She graduated from Duarte High School in 1942 and married in 1944. Her husband was a Navy man, stationed in Los Angeles and they lived in Monrovia. Sadly, he died in 1965.
Ruth retired to the Desert in 1986. She soon became involved in the Community Center and was part of the famous “Copperettes”. She wrote the quarterly Newsletter and this column in the Hi-Desert Star for many years.
Before city water was piped up to the Mesa around 1997, ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ruth was often seen driving to and from Surprise Valley water well, in a huge, yellow, water-hauling truck, which proudly displayed the license plate: “Queen Tut”
! Ruth is a delightful Lady, with a naughty twinkle in her eyes; while a ready smile displays all her own, beautiful teeth! We love You Ruth; Happy Birthday from All your Neighbors!

Tonight’s the “Movie under the Stars” night, at the Community Center on Winters road. Check our website for more info.

Our Neighbors Sherry and Mike Dowd found a sweet, well-behaved chocolate lab/pit. She appears to be around 3 years old. If this sounds like your lost dog, please contact us. Stay well!

The Year 2013

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is ready to roll into the Fall Season and the Center will re-open the day after Labor Day weekend, on September 3rd: with the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party. Our first monthly Breakfast will take place on Saturday September 7th, starting at 8a.m.
We like to start things off with a thorough cleaning of the Center, prior to the onset of upcoming events. Despite our best efforts to keep the Building sealed up tight, inevitably there’s a carpet of sand over everything after a few months of disuse. This year, the “all hands on deck” request goes out for Friday, August 30th at 9a.m., to all Copper Mountain Mesa Neighbors who would like to help clean-up our Community Center on Winters Road, please join us.

The monthly Potluck Party is the following day on Saturday, August 31st, starting at 4p.m. Last month’s Party was Huge: best Potluck ever, although a wee Birdie told me later, that Bob Deloyd’s report on Maine Lobstertails and Mariachi bands may have been slightly exaggerated! Not to be outdone, let us gather Neighbors: bring our finest culinary efforts and see if we can top last month’s grand old shindig! I am not working that weekend, so I also hope to to see you there.

Our monthly USDA Food Giveaway falls on Monday August 19th; this next Monday, to be exact. Chris Jonas will be there, with his trusty Volunteers helping to ensure the event runs smoothly and everyone gets their fair share of Food. Chris is also giving away free bags of Clothes in the Thrift Room, first come-first served.; the Giveaway starts at 8:30.

I will be at Copper Mountain College, attending my first class: Algebra! I am having serious second thoughts about this whole College-thing; I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Oh well; too late now; I may as well give it my best shot and hope all goes well.

Did you catch any Meteor activity in the pre-dawn hours last week? Enjoy this lovely August weather; stay well!

The Year 2009

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community doesn't have much to write about especially in the heat of summer. All I see during the day is a battered old pickup truck rattling down the dirt roads driven by a hairless old man with a long beard looking for scrap to sell. I would stop to ask his story but he don't look none too friendly.
Road runners zip into my yard dodging in and out from under the greasewoods looking for some unsuspecting lizard to munch down. I like watching them!

Some days ago I got together with the Activities Committee to put together the Spring/Summer newsletters and sent them out. Unfortunately all were sent back for a variety of reasons and I went to Steve Tuttle's home to pick them up. I spent an hour or so there jawing with Steve while he gave me the grand tour of his property. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with what he had done. As I was leaving we started talking astronomy. We decided sometime in the future to have a sky party at the community center, cool!

Thought for the week: A good friend is one who can pick up a conversation where it was left off ten years ago.

The Year 2004

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Ruth Tuttle celebrated her eightieth birthday last Saturday with a big family get-together. Relatives from as far away as Alaska and some from Glendale came by for the festivities, and all five of her kids were together for the first time in a long, long time. Six out of ten great grand children made it. There was a pool party with lots of swimming, and a piñata for the kids. Kris, one of Ruth's daughters, said “fortunately there was no fractured bones afterwards".
Last Sunday all five of Ruth's kids went to church with her for the first time since they were kids, which made her extremely happy.
Karlee Bohn, Kris's little sister, from Alaska says,"The desert is beautiful, the heat is a little overwhelming, but the lifestyle is peaceful and serene. I enjoyed seeing my brother and my gorgeous sisters, but the greatest enjoyment for me was being here to celebrate my Mother's eightieth birthday."

Birthdays this month are: Ruth Tuttle, Kay Johnson, Fred Frederiksen, Cantail, Johnny Lopez, Sayoko McDermott, Frank McDermott, Lauren Villarreal, Bob Seeley, and me.

Thought for the week: Anyone can have sex, it ain't that difficult. It's the caring, sharing, loving and growing that could happen afterwards which has any real meaning in our lives. And if you are blest with children, you should share that with them too. Because each and every one of us is special and each and every one of us deserves no less.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community enjoyed a record-breaking first Saturday Breakfast at the Community Center last weekend. Sixty-six adults and 6 children enjoyed a most delicious breakfast, served by friendly Neighborhood Servers: Kathy Quinn, Patrick Whalen and yours truly. Every meal was expertly and individually prepared by Chefs Steve Tuttle, Kip Fjeld and Ken Sitz. Kip was training Ken to be the reserve Egg Chef and they both did a marvellous job. With his wonderfully enthusiastic expression and cheerful manner, Ken proved himself to be a quick learner and a delightful addition to our all-volunteer Crew. Mary Helen Tuttle was in the back room, working hard keeping up with the enormous amounts of dishes we kept bringing her: clouds of steam billowing around her, thanks to the super-hot water! Daniel Gray worked the “kitchen wench” spot, while Jay Babcock manned the biscuits and gravy.
Jay also brought a copy of a German Magazine: “The Weekender”, which featured Jay and his lovely Lady, Stephanie Smith, on the front cover. Glorious photos of our Mesa and a very well-written article, beautifully illustrated their Earth-friendly, innovative approach to living in the Desert. We have some real Stars living out here, that’s for sure!
Teresa Sitz was our cashier and with her friendly personality, pretty face and gorgeous smile, she extended a warm welcome to all our customers lining up at the front desk to pay for Breakfast. We are so proud and pleased to have this delightful Sitz Couple as Neighbors and they’re coming up with splendid suggestions for the benefit of our Community and the Center.

One of the new Events they’ve created is “Movie Night under the Stars”, featuring classic movies with a connection to the Desert. The first Movie, “Monolith Monsters”, plays next Saturday evening, August 16th, . We’d love to see your happy face at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center - located at 65-336 Winters Road, North Joshua Tree. Bring a chair, beverages, snacks and hang out with your Community to enjoy some great entertainment.

Our Community Association’s Board of Directors meeting is taking place today, from 10am. Stay well!

A Video Blog or Some Such
by Bob DeLoyd
December 2013 to January 2014 Run!

A short video of me running out of 2013 and into 2014. Been doing this for many years and this is my second time videoing it :)

Anniversaries Birthdays and Events

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CMMA Breakfast

Ruth Tuttle
Betty K. Catron



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CMMA meeting at 10 AM
Sayoko McDermott

10 11
Great Perseids meteor shower
all night!
Great Perseids meteor shower
best before before dawn!
Joseph Evans
Frank McDermott

Lauren Villarreal


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Eva Villalun

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John Jefferson
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Bob Seeley

Memorial PotLuck in honor of Chris Jonas
Starts at 4pm



Community Association

Community Center located 4 miles east of Border Ave, 5 miles west of Lear Ave at:
65-336 Winters Road (760)362-5212

Roger Smith's Magic Garden
November 2012

By Roger Smith

So a little update on the no digging technique I began using a couple of years ago is due as I have seen enough to now describe my observations.
The technique is helpful as it keeps the soil sheltered from wind erosion. And adds organic matter with all it's benefits. Attracts a mix of beneficial insects and their opposites [though I have not experienced any pest epidemics by growing lush greenery in the summer].
Also it is not a problem to scratch in a row for seed planting; I simply move the debris away for planting the row then rake it back into place. I did notice that the termites ate a significant portion of the material though the remainder still resisted erosion and kept the soil damp. So.... I did find myself digging in bags of compost this year nonetheless. There are not the worms out here to get a year round digestion of vegetative matter process going. When the heat comes, the worms go. And when the black-eyed pea and buckwheat cover crop gets tall enough, about a foot minimum, I will cut it down with hedge shears and let the plants regrow through the trimmings. Probably a good time to place your compost, manure, and or plant food on the surface, cut down the cover crop and then simply let it lay including a GOOD flooding to get the trimmed plants growing again and wash some nutrients down into the soil profile. I have tried this once this year and am pleased enough to make this a standard practice during the summer months.
By mid August or thereabouts, shut off the water. You can leave the dried out cover crop standing, I would think, though the peas are very hardy and slow to die. One might want to pull them out along the planned planting row and leave those not in the way. Leaving the dead crop standing does reduce the wind's erosive impact on your soil and provides a bit of shelter for young seedlings. And of course, their eventual decay provides nutrients for your growing endeavors. In time though, you'll need to clear a seed row to get the fall crops planted. This shouldn't disturb much; a row taking up several inches in width at the most.
This is also a good method to get green matter into your garden. I gave up collecting lawn clippings when down below when I realised there is an ag chemical problem with material from yard cuttings and trimmings. The cover crop supplies this and decomposes well during the cooler times out here. Anyway, that's about it for this missive and the no digging method. It probably should be named the dig less method. Ya think?

Pleasant gardening, Roger

See Ya Real Soon!

The time has come to take a bold jump into the unknown and fight the beast with yer bare hands.
To go the way of yer ancestors and build a fire for warmth, to slay a critter for food.
To understand the meaning of hunger in a time of plenty.
To spit in the eyes of yer antagonist!
To howl at the moon...
And enjoy life!

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