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Welcome July 2014!

1) First Saturday Breakfast from 8-11am Saturday the 5th
2) BINGO only on the first Tuesday of the month as far as I can tell.
3) CMMA Board meeting second Saturday of the month at 10am
4) USDA Food Distribution is on third Monday of the month unless notified here.
5) PotLuck is on Saturday the 26th at 4PM for sure!

Check our Calendar below for Birthdays, Special Events, and Astronomical happenings :)

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With a heavy heart I am to tell you of the passing away of our Dear Friend Chris Jonas this past Thursday July 24th. I have no other information for you at this time and when I do I will post it here.
Bless you Chris for being such a wonderful friend to me and others!
Bob DeLoyd

Coming to a Community Center Near you!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been sizzling Hot these last few days. I’m grateful to add that it’s been a dry heat and our trusty swamp cooler is doing the job keeping us comfortable. The air is so still; not a rustle in the Tamarisk trees. These are the days when we need our coolers and fans to survive out here; I’m utterly grateful for Electricity and just hope there’s no power outages!
Speaking of which, I had an experience with Southern California Edison! You may remember, a few years ago, I chose to “opt-out” on the new “Smart meter” installations going on in our neck of the woods. Sub-contractors of SCE, who were installing these meters, came to my Home on several occasions, basically trying to bully me into allowing them to install one on my premises. It was all worked out amicably with SCE and my “dumb” meter, which is inside my garage, had orange “opt-out” stickers put on it and was conveniently read remotely from the road.
Last week, one of those big SCE trucks pulled up in my driveway. The driver informed me, in most unfriendly and patronizing terms, that my meter could no longer be read from the road due to some recently installed computer program and I had to get a new one. I objected, explaining that I don’t want a “smart” meter. I wanted to verify that this new one I was obliged to accept, was a “dumb” meter, like my old one. The man was rude, interruptive and argumentative. I stamped my foot and declared that I wanted to speak with his management and would make an appointment to have the meter renewed, at my convenience! Later, I spoke with his Supervisor, who was very apologetic and kind to this hornery Desert Woman! We made the appointment and a much nicer employee exchanged my old meter for a spankin’ new “dumb” meter. Thank you, SCE!
Our Potluck Party is happenin’ today at the Community Center from 4pm; hope to see you. Next Saturday is our monthly Breakfast from 8-11 am. Stay well!

The Year 2013

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was well represented at the Palms Bar and Restaurant in Wonder Valley last Saturday evening. A group of Mesa Neighbors car-pooled over and were treated to a truly wonderful Musical Experience with The Sibleys; Tommy Santee Klaws; Burly Temple; Gwendolyn and so many more extremely talented Bands: whose names escape my addled Brain! Sitting outside, loving the Music; we watched one of those isolated Desert Thunderstorms blow in and felt the Humidity rise to unbearable! On our way Home, early Sunday morning, the Mountains all around us were silhouetted against the Lightning-lit Sky.
Later, I fell asleep to the Music of Raindrops on the Roof. Some Mesa Neighbors were not as thrilled by the downpour as, for many, the roof overhead desperately needs repair and there aren’t enough buckets to catch all the leaks. Nature loved the soaking. Our Ocotillo has leaves on it for the first time in months and romance is in the air for a number of Bird varieties. Especially Mourning Doves who seem to be producing an extraordinary number of Babies this year. We also have Turtle Doves; who are fairly new to our little 3-acre eco-system. Tomato Worms are prolific this year too and every morning, Jim is out in our Garden, valiantly picking those huge, green worms off our scrappy tomatoes.
Speaking of scrappy: earlier this week, I coaxed myself out of mortal terror; gathered my self-confidence and enrolled at Copper Mountain College! My High School experience in Kenya left me believing I was worthless and stupid; so - even though I went on to earn numerous diplomas and certificates from various vocational and trade schools - I never thought I’d sign up for years of College Education! I must say, I felt supported by the Staff and encouraged by my fellow Students! I made it through the Application, Assessment, Orientation and Registration steps unscathed and quite proud of myself.

The Potluck Party starts at 4pm this afternoon and more Neighbors have been showing up with delicious culinary creations. Hope to see You there too. Stay well!

The Year 2009

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community: One night a few weeks ago I took out my telescope to watch the Moon set behind the mountains to the west. It was kind of neat because of far away little clouds that were low on the horizon floating about in our Earth's thick atmosphere were drifting across the shimmering Moon.
I then turned my scope towards the constellation Cygnus the Swan that lies amidst the wisps of dust and stars of the Milky Way. In Cygnus shines a double star 380 light years away called Albireo. One star appears blue and the other gold. I had it in my eyepiece and was held fascinated by its splendor.
I caught Jupiter just rising out of the east and could make out a few bands on its surface. I'm still waiting for Jupiter to rise higher above the horizon so I can look for Neptune that should be very close by.
I found M13 "The Great Globular Cluster" in Hercules. Hercules is sometimes very hard to find- it's between Vega and the Northern Crown. It was directly overhead and Fat Cat kept jumping on my lap wanting attention and making it impossible to keep my eyes trained on anything. What a wonderful night!

Don't forgit Potluck is today, Saturday, at 4pm!

Thought for the week: Life is a precious gem that some casually toss away never learning its true value.

The Year 2004

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is a small but proud community and we don't take kindly to some immature individual painting infantile gang symbols on our new gazebo furniture. So whoever is doing this please grow up and become a responsible adult and all will be forgiven, or leave! We especially didn't care for the swastikas and find that very childish and UN-AMERICAN.

We all heard about the fire that has burned down Rose and Joe Matich's home this week. Our little community is putting together a fund for them and if you would like to donate some money to Rose and Joe, contact Mike Villarreal who is the head of our Disaster Committee.

Ann Watson is a retired schoolteacher from England and is out here visiting her son Steward, who is rebuilding a nice home, and is a first-rate individual. Ann has decided to stay two more weeks then she planned.

Thought for the week: Small minds produce tiny results.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s Copper Mountain Mesa Association Board Meeting took place last Saturday. It was short and to the point, as three Board Members were unable to attend the meeting. We had a no-show on the Public too, which is really not surprising since this is the first time in years that we’ve kept the Community Center open and all Events going, during the Summer months.
We will be open during August as well and all the usual Events will take place, including: First Saturday monthly Breakfast on August 2nd, from 8-11am; Tuesday Night Bingo on August 5th, from 6:00pm; CMM Community Association Board Meeting from 10am on Saturday, August 9th; USDA Food Giveaway on Monday, August 18th from 8:30am and the monthly Potluck Party is on Saturday, August 30th from 4pm.
Our July Potluck Party is next week, Saturday the 26th, from 4pm. We had a great turnout for the June Potluck party; with some truly delicious dishes from exceptional recipes. Hope to see you at the Party next Saturday. The humidity has settled down a bit: finally! It’s been hideously humid for weeks and, as much as I like the curl in my hair and the moisture for the skin on my face and neck: I’m done with this tropical moisture, thank you very much! I’ll just be leathery and wrinkled, I don’t care!
We worked in that humidity for days, fancying up the gravesite for our beloved Golden Pup, Kali; who is buried in the very bottom of our half-underground Sweat Lodge; leftover from the years when our Apache foster-daughter, Mary, still lived at Home with us.
Jim and I planted a splendid Mesquite Tree on the Grave: then spent back-breaking days filling the huge hole with good soil and sand. We’re absolutely exhausted, with sorely aching muscles; but the Tree is beautiful and our heartbreak is eased by our efforts. Kali died peacefully at home; her suffering is over; we did our very best: now the River of Life moves on.
Love and Condolences to all who have lost Loved Ones: stay well!

A Video Blog or Some Such
by Bob DeLoyd
December 2013 to January 2014 Run!

A short video of me running out of 2013 and into 2014. Been doing this for many years and this is my second time videoing it :)

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Roger Smith's Magic Garden
November 2012

By Roger Smith

So a little update on the no digging technique I began using a couple of years ago is due as I have seen enough to now describe my observations.
The technique is helpful as it keeps the soil sheltered from wind erosion. And adds organic matter with all it's benefits. Attracts a mix of beneficial insects and their opposites [though I have not experienced any pest epidemics by growing lush greenery in the summer].
Also it is not a problem to scratch in a row for seed planting; I simply move the debris away for planting the row then rake it back into place. I did notice that the termites ate a significant portion of the material though the remainder still resisted erosion and kept the soil damp. So.... I did find myself digging in bags of compost this year nonetheless. There are not the worms out here to get a year round digestion of vegetative matter process going. When the heat comes, the worms go. And when the black-eyed pea and buckwheat cover crop gets tall enough, about a foot minimum, I will cut it down with hedge shears and let the plants regrow through the trimmings. Probably a good time to place your compost, manure, and or plant food on the surface, cut down the cover crop and then simply let it lay including a GOOD flooding to get the trimmed plants growing again and wash some nutrients down into the soil profile. I have tried this once this year and am pleased enough to make this a standard practice during the summer months.
By mid August or thereabouts, shut off the water. You can leave the dried out cover crop standing, I would think, though the peas are very hardy and slow to die. One might want to pull them out along the planned planting row and leave those not in the way. Leaving the dead crop standing does reduce the wind's erosive impact on your soil and provides a bit of shelter for young seedlings. And of course, their eventual decay provides nutrients for your growing endeavors. In time though, you'll need to clear a seed row to get the fall crops planted. This shouldn't disturb much; a row taking up several inches in width at the most.
This is also a good method to get green matter into your garden. I gave up collecting lawn clippings when down below when I realised there is an ag chemical problem with material from yard cuttings and trimmings. The cover crop supplies this and decomposes well during the cooler times out here. Anyway, that's about it for this missive and the no digging method. It probably should be named the dig less method. Ya think?

Pleasant gardening, Roger

See Ya Real Soon!

The time has come to take a bold jump into the unknown and fight the beast with yer bare hands.
To go the way of yer ancestors and build a fire for warmth, to slay a critter for food.
To understand the meaning of hunger in a time of plenty.
To spit in the eyes of yer antagonist!
To howl at the moon...
And enjoy life!

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