Our Little Community








By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community Had a wonderful potluck on New Years Eve about twenty-five folks showed up. Dear Marge Seeley put it together at the last moment after word of my last week's column, which commented on the fact that the Association had put on no holiday events, leaked out. I think I stirred the embers and got the old flame of the Association going with that one.

Now for some communiqués from desert folk:
From Marge Seeley: Judy Bowman's husband passed away on the Christmas weekend. She and her mother Juanita come to bingo every Tuesday, and Judy helps with cake and ice cream at the bingo break. They are really wonderful gals and I'm sad to hear about her husband. He was sick quite a while and was doing pretty good and than things went wrong I guess. He had Cancer.
From Mary Helen Tuttle: Thanks for mentioning the recycling container, however, there is no receptacle for newspapers so please don't put that in your column for the paper, only Cans and Plastic Bottles. Oh yeah, we are Planning a Bingo volunteer meeting for Friday, 1/4/02 at the Center. I'll Let everyone else know - Stony, Bob & Marge, Ila, Mary, Ron, Joan and me. Anyone else you can think of to invite as a courtesy? Also, the Copperettes will have a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, 2002. And while we're at it, Breakfast will be on Saturday, Jan. 5th, 2002. As you mentioned, Bingo will Resume on Tuesday, Jan. 8th, 2002.

Birthdays for January are: Sharon Weaver, Katy Boyd, Earline Burr, Rick and Marge Seeley, Robert Herrera, Steve Tuttle. That's a whole bunch of birthdays for up here!

Now please bear with me, I am starting a new format with "Communiqués From Desert Folk". So send me any events or items that you want me to include in this column at lest a week before you want them in. Verbal is fine but I may forget, so its better that ya write them down for me. I will edit out anything I deem inappropriate but still try to keep true to yer perspective. And please keep them short; try to be kind and positive! Cutoff time for me is noon Wednesday for Saturday's paper, so you want to git them in way before that.

Thought for the week: Thank God 2001 is over! I am hopeful that 2002 brings everyone closer in Love and Peace.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having its first of the year Board meeting today, Saturday, at 10 A.M. So come on down and help git the New Year off to a good start. Git off yer duff and become active, volunteer and help yer community.

I was told by Lee Hines that the USDA food distribution will be Monday January the 14.

Mary Hedges is the proud Grandmother of Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher A. Shearer who was in High Desert Star's "Service Note" December 19. She was at Bingo last Tuesday night, smiling ear to ear, showing everyone the newspaper article.

I missed mentioning Kaye Hileman's birthday last month. I was told that some of the local gals came by her house and surprised her with a cake. Happy birthday Kaye!

Thought for the week: If today is the first day for the rest of yer life, what was yesterday?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Marge Seeley has resigned as Kitchen Manager and plans to devote all her time to the M & M Treasure Room. She will now have the Treasure Room open, Tuesday before Bingo and at breaks, so those interested in purchasing any gifts and useful items can now do so. We at the Community Center would like to thank Marge for a job well done as Kitchen Manger.

I got my new wood-burning stove hooked up with the help of my friend Bob Stonebraker. We got it in and fired it up. Smoke filled the room and the dog fled out the door. The problem was that I had pushed down to hard on the spark arrester when we were seating the chimney and it had collapsed around the stovepipe opening and sealed it tight; no smoke could escape. It works fine now. I love the stove and spend these long cold winter nights tending the blaze, watching the embers, and dreaming of things and times gone past.

Now lets don't forgit Pot Luck on Saturday the 26th at 4 P.M. sharp. So bring down yer favorite dish and sit around and jaw with yer neighbors.

Thought for the week: Last week I wrote: If today is the first day for the rest of yer life, what was yesterday? My friend Mike Long set me: Yesterday is the day before the first day of the rest of your Life.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Fred Frederiksen has been feeling under the weather lately. Fred has always supported the goings on up here and our community wants him to know that we all love him and hopes he can git better soon.

Remember that the potluck is today, Saturday, and starts at 4 P.M. We usually have a good turnout and have lots of good home cookin. So if you don't have anything to do and yer hungry for food and companionship come on down.

Thought for the week: They say: It all comes out in the wash. But ya know, I'd sure hate ta be around during the rinse cycle.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a wonderful potluck last Saturday. Everyone ate like there was no tomorrow and there were still lots of leftovers to take home. After potluck I took a look at the now cleaned out baseball field. It just needs a little more work done then we can start spring training. Play ball anyone?

Tuesday we had a light dusting of snow up here. My dog, Blackey, didn't know what to think of it and ran around trying to bite the flakes. Had the new woodstove pumping out the heat that day.

First of the month breakfast will be today, Saturday. Starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 10 A.M. Then next Saturday, 2/9, we'll have our Sweetheart Breakfast, featuring champagne, ham and scrambled eggs, and lots of extras. Our regular monthly Board Meeting will follow the Sweetheart Breakfast that starts at 8 A.M.

The Bingo Bunch would like you to know that they are adding a Power Ball game to their Tuesday night games. Come join their friendly game.

Bob Seeley told me that the FDA food program will be on Monday 02/11. Starts at 9 A.M. and ends at 11 A.M. Bob has been the person in charge of the program in our community for several years and we all owe him and his helpers a heap of thanks for a job well done.

Thought for the week: I am not loosing my memory; just making room for all the new stuff.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community's First Saturday Breakfast of last week was a great success thanks to the volunteers who worked overtime, being shorthanded because some people called in ill or were out of town. There were over 45 people who came and ate. But there will be loads of help this Saturday, 2/9, when we have our Sweetheart Breakfast, featuring champagne, ham and scrambled eggs, and lots of extras. Our regular monthly Board Meeting will follow the Sweetheart Breakfast that starts at 8 A.M.

Super Ball Sunday I went to friends Ruth Ruffin's and Doris house to watch the game. Everyone was having a great time, even Mary Hellen :)
When I came home my dog greeted me at the gate and was telling me all about his day when I heard a whimpering under my truck. Someone had abandoned a small puppy in my yard! I still cannot believe someone would do such a thing, but there he was. I've had three dogs that were abandoned up here already. People abandon dogs here all the time. Once I was sitting on my front porch and saw a speeding car being chased by a dog they had just abandoned. I watched the poor dog chase that car for miles until I lost sight of them; I never knew what became of it. Well, now I have somebody else's problem to take care of. When I look into his big brown eyes and see his tail wagging like it will shake him apart I know it ain't his fault and will do what I can for him. He's very hungry.

Don't forgit the FDA food program will be on Monday 02/11. Starts at 9 A.M. and ends at 11 A.M.

Birthdays for the month: Pam and John Waddell, Earl Wilbert.

Thought for the week: 99 percent of us are good. The other 1 percent causes all the problems.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is real thankful to hear that Fred Frederiksen, 89, has survived a complicated abdominal surgery and is back home and doing fine. He don't want no visitors for a while but he would sure appreciate a card or two. He just can't wait to git back to his Bingo with the old gang.

Hey, we're are running out of days in this month and Pot Luck will be on Saturday the 23rd. It starts at 4 P.M. and goes till ya can't git out of yer chair! So come on down and share in the feast.

Communicate from desert folk:
Remember me? It's Brenda one of the old girls that use to play Bingo and help out at the center. I just thought I would drop ya a few lines to say hi. Tell everyone at the center I said hello and that I am doing just great here in South Carolina. I love this place it is so pretty. Well send love to all and tell everyone hi for me ok. Until next time keep smiling. Brenda Zimmer

Thought for the week: What can you tell a person who knows everything but understands nothing?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is getting some lovely weather lately. My Dog's water dish has stopped freezing over and him and me been going on some long walks. I am expecting my first visitors of the year, Tom Merritt and Jeanne Kula from Redondo Beach. They've been up here many times before. We usually have been going for hikes up into Joshua Tree, but this time I am taking them to Giant Rock in Landers. I've never been there before and I am real excited myself.

Pot Luck will be this Saturday the 23rd. It starts at 4 P.M. and goes till ya can't git out of yer chair! So come on down and share in the feast.

The First Saturday Breakfast will be on March 2. We start serving at 8 A.M. and stop at 11 A.M. Last time we had a real big turnout and hope we can repeat it this time. Ya can't beat it for a price of only $3.50.

Thought for the week: The difference between love and hate is kindness.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear of the passing of Eva Villalun last week. We will miss her at the Saturday breakfast where she would come with Ruth Tuttle and recount tales of yore in her bubbly vivacious way. A long time resident of Copper Mountain Mesa, Eva was one of the unique personalities, which has made our little community special. Farewell Little Eva and may God bless you.

We have learned of the passing of Junior Herrera two weeks ago. His brother Joe Herrera held a memorial for family and friend at his house here in the Mesa. We all send Joe our good wishes.

Ruth Ruffin broke her hip last week. She slipped while putting gas in her car. She was taken to the hospital and had a successful operation. We hope she has a fast recovery. Ruth, if yer reading this I want ya ta know that everyone is thinking of ya.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is proud of our World War Two Hero Ed Drzal. Two weeks ago Ed, who was on the committee for arrangement of this event, went to Camp Pendleton for the fifty-seventh Anniversary for the Battle of Iwo Jima. There were more than 1100 in attendance including families and friends. Son of Corpsman Bradley was the guest speaker, and the brother of Ira Hays was there also. If you don't know who these men were just ask any Marine about Mt. Suribachi. Ed Drzal joined the 3rd Division of the 21st Marine's Regimental Weapons Headquarters at the ripe old age of Seventeen. Ed participated in the Battles of: Guadalcanal, Liberation of Guam, and Iwo Jima.

On February 19, 1945 at 8:30 am, after spending 40 days on 880 ships that sailed in a convoy from Hawaii, the order came to "Land the Landing Force" and for 36 days Iwo Jima was the most populated 7.5 miles on earth.

Ed tells me that the first company to put the flag up at Iwo Jima was Easy Company and it was anything but easy! They suffered over 75% casualties. Out of 310 men only 50 came back to the ship. The U.S. sent more Marines to Iwo, 110,000 of them, than any other battle. More Marines earned the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima than in any other battle in U.S. History. In total there were 6825 lost fighting at Iwo.

Birthdays this month: Seimi Shiba

Thought for the week: From Chris Boss. Think positive, and take action; things will git better.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is saddened to hear that Joe Herrera's sister Eileen passed away on March 7 of a heart attack. As you may or may not know is that several weeks ago Joe's brother had passed on.

Roz Drzal's cousin JoAnn Hunt, who you may remember from functions at the Community Center, passed away on March 7.

Thought for the week: After seeing what some top charity executive got paid and how much money went to the victims, I am starting to wonder who the charity is really for.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Ruth Ruffin is back home and is doing well after spending some time in the hospital for a broken hip. It's good to have ya back up here where ya belong Ruth!

Don't forgit to come on over for the Potluck next Saturday the 30th at the Community Center. Starts at 4 P.M. and goes till yer eyes bulge out and ya have to loosen yer belt. We didn't have one last month because of all the "Bad News" we had in our little community, if ya know what I mean.

Thought for the week: Friends maybe what makes yer world, but yer family is what gives it its spin.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is saddened to hear that Joe Preciado had passed away last week. Joe was a long time resident of our area, about 20 years. Joe's longtime friends Lee and Marcie Hines told me that Joe used to live in Fontana where he held some really big barbeques and the whole neighborhood would show up. He also worked at Kaiser Steel for some years. I didn't know Joe that well; I'd seen him at Bingo when he came in with Zoila and Harry Preciado. He always had an infectious smile and that twinkle in his eyes led me to believe that he knew more then he let others know. Joe was 95.

Next Saturday the 6th we will have our First Saturday Breakfast. Starts at 8 A.M. which is real early fer me but I might just git my dog-tired body down there before it closes at 11 A.M. and have some of them pancakes and eggs that the place is well known fer!

Don't forgit to come on over for the Potluck today, Saturday the 30th at the Community Center. We start feeding at 4 P.M.

Thought for the week: I thought I was wrong once but I was wrong! (Hmmm) Roxy Dinicola

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is enjoying this fine weather we been having lately; now that I said that it will probably rain. I been looking at my swamp cooler and it seems to be in a bad way. I guess I'll have to replace the pads and check for leaks and just maybe it will last another year. I always worry about that old swamp cooler at the first signs of hot weather. Sorry I have to make this short but my Taxes are ah sittin on the kitchen table screamin at me, "Do me now, do me now!"

Today, Saturday the 6th we will have our First Saturday Breakfast. Starts at 8 A.M. and if ya stay after 11A.M. you can help with the dishes!

Thought for the week:If I could find the time I'd probably wouldn't do it anyway. And if I had the time I would use it to dream up more things I'd do if I could find the time to do it. Yup!

Birthdays this month are: Bob Stonebreaker, Patty Bradley, Mary Helen Tuttle, Pere Galloway, Ruth Molten, Roger Toombs, Marie Morrison, and Tim Villarreal. That's a whole bunch. Makes ya want to count back nine months.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is pleased to hear that Chris Jonas is home from the hospital and will be back at his usual seat at the Tuesday night Bingo in about three weeks. We all miss the big guy and his bad jokes. Also there's more good news; Fred Frederiksen is back at playing Bingo after a long recuperation.

Now I know it maybe a little early but I want ya to write about what ya plan to do on yer summer vacation and send it to me. Some of us don't have a clue what to do and we need some good ideas. I will put the best ones in this column. My friend Jeanie Kula already left for Hawaii just this last week with her Mom. Imagine going to Hawaii with yer Mom!

Thought for the week: If I can't fix it I'll make it so nobody can. Bob Stonebreaker

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community, and I guess everywhere else, has had some strange weather lately. For a couple of days it had gotten pretty darn hot, and then night came I left my fan on and slept on top of the covers. When the next day arrived, the wind blew really hard and that night the temperature fell to the low 50's. Most of my stuff that was outside and not tied down took flight and is now in someone's front yard in Nevada!

They tell me that there is a new game at Bingo called Power Ball. They tried to explain to me how it works. They tried real hard. Now I do a fair job at creating websites on the computer and showing people how to use one. But I'll be damned if I can understand how this Power Ball or even Bingo works. So come on down to our community center Tuesday nights at 6 P.M. and give it a go. Maybe someday I'll git it, but right now I am Bingo challenged.

Thought for the week: Too much law gits ya too many criminals, too little law gits ya too many victims.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Joan Maybee, who is the President of Copper Mountain Mesa Association, has moved to a golf course in Yucca Valley. Well maybe not on the golf course but next to one. She has helped our community in many ways. One of them was taking everyone blood pressure on our First Saturday Breakfasts. She is also President of the Copperettes, which is the women's group that is in charge of functions and fundraising. Also she heads up the Bingo Committee (Maybe she can explain that Super Ball to me). Joan is a very dynamic and outspoken person and a nice lady to boot!

Well now it's coming to that favorite time of month for me! Potluck! Come on down today, Saturday, at 4:00 P.M. to the community center and bring yer good cookin and yer appetite. Only friendly folk with a hunkerin to eat good grub are invited.

Thought for the week: Used to be that the law was on the victim's side and the bad guys went to jail. Nowadays if the bad guy breaks into yer house and hurts himself, he'll sue ya and git yer house in the settlement!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community. You know I been starting my column with that phrase for two and a half years now. Wow, 128 columns! Some people complain to me about beginning it with "Our little Community". I just tell them that it's a catch phrase that people will recognize. Now the real truth is that I just can't start writing on a blank page! I always have the first three words there ready to go. Sometimes there's not a bunch to write about; it really is a little community, and I just stare at those three words till something takes form in my mind. This time I could have written about our potluck that we had last Saturday and that twenty-three hungry people showed up. Or, I could tell ya to git on down to our Tuesday night Bingo that starts at 6 P.M. every week. Maybe I could even tell ya to drag yer body out of bed git in yer car and drive on over to the center for this Saturday's breakfast from 8 - 11 A.M. (World class pancakes) But nah, I tell ya that every month. What to write about? Maybe there are some birthdays this month, lets see. Yes there are some: Bob Nelson, C. Myer, Ruth Ruffin, and Mary Moowea. Ok, all right I just wrote about some birthdays this week, but at least it something!

Thought for the week: Life is wonderful if ya know how to live.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wishes all a happy Mother's Day. I missed a few birthdays last week and here they are: Tim Herrera and Jackie Johnston. Sorry about that.

The Ramada Casino invited Bob and Marge Seeley to Laughlin Nevada. Bob was guest speaker representing the Marine Corp and the Pearl Harbor Survivors at the Casino's War Memorial Room and Display on April 30th. Mr. Seeley told the audience of his personal experience of December 7, 1941. Bob stood and witnessed the Arizona blow up, the Oklahoma roll over. He watched as enemy planes were destroying ships moored in the harbor. And finally being helpless and horrified as his ship, flag ship of the Pacific USS California, sunk. The devastation continued as oil fires broke out in the channel and people were trying to swim through it to get to shore. Mr. Seeley made it ashore to Ford Island were he found a truck and gathered up apples and filled containers with water from a swimming pool and distributed them till he ran out of gas. Bob says, "All hell broke loose that day and it was a very unforgettable experience".

Thought for the week: I been watching the news lately and I just wonder; has everyone gone nuts?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a very nice Mother's Day breakfast last Saturday. There were fresh roses and champagne for all the lovely Mothers. Thirty-three hungry folks showed up and had a wonderful time.

Ruth Ruffin, Jan and Bill Bonner had a visit from their sister Imogene Pennington and her son Steve. Imogene came all the way from Sonora Calif. to have a look see on how Ruth is doing; the two sisters haven't seen each other since 1987. Ruth is recovering well after her fall and takes therapy three times a week.

Don't fail to remember that the USDA food distribution will be this Monday the 20th and our Potluck will be next Saturday the 25th.

Thought for the week: The little things that you mustn't forget are the things you fail to remember.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Joan Maybee has resigned from the office of president and that Bob Beggs has ascended to that position from vice-president. Lets all give Mr. Beggs the support he needs.

Hungry? Well if ya are come on over and to the Community Center today, Saturday the 25th, for our Potluck. All you can eat and good folks to yap at. Caution: Wear loose fitting clothes.

Thought for the week: Some folks will debate the benefits of fire prevention even as their house burns down.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community, yeah our little community. It's not much, just a toehold on this vast high desert land. Where people work and live. Where you drive 12 miles to the nearest store, most of which is on dirt roads. Where, when you get your car stuck in the sand or run out of gas you know there will be neighbors there to help. Where, when you're feeling down there are friends close by you can call. Where if you want advice or not, you get it! Yes our little community, people helping people. Without them the desert would reclaim the land. Wind blown dust would seep into broken doors swinging on their rusted hinges. The sun would bake and splinter the wood. All that would be left; empty shells of houses where people had worked and lived.

Wow! Its already time for our First Saturday Breakfast again. Git yer world famous pancakes at our community center this Saturday from 8 till 11 A.M.

Birthday this month are: Rae Lynn Herrera, Sherry Rotruck, and ILA Foyil.

Thought for the week: There are only three days I really need to remember anymore. They are: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community some have said been visited by a few UFOs. I was watching the LA news a few days ago and they had a news clip of city people coming up to Joshua Tree with telescopes to watch for them. Awhile back I had asked some local folk up here if they had seen any UFOs and I got a few stories.

One lady had told me of a white Orb that had followed her for several miles, while she and her friends where driving down Winters Road, then it vanished only to reappear hovering a few feet above her house an hour later. She told me that when they went outside to get a better look see that it took off straight up and didn't make one bit of sound as it went into space.

My neighbor told me of an Orb that she saw from her kitchen window just sitting in the field next to her house. This Orb made a humming, throbbing sound.

I recall that they had both said that the Orbs were very large, glowed white with pulsating florescent green spheres inside.

My personal experience with an Orb was about 3 years ago when I went outside just before the sun came up. I saw the Orb coming out of the western horizon about 15 degrees up and was the size of my little finger held at arms length. It appeared to be coming straight at me and grew to about the size of my thumb held at the same distance. I thought, at that time, it was going to be an asteroid strike; it was that big. Then it made a wide arch toward the south and I watch as it traveled over the mountains of the National Park till I lost sight of it. This all took place in about a minute's time. Who do you call to report something like that!

Thought for the week: If all else fails try the opposite.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been ripped off. Some sneaking dirty scoundrels have stolen some of our street signs. These immature thieving hooligans have appropriate for themselves and their miserable horde what took a lot of effort and time by our community to acquire. One sign was brought down with 8 rounds from a shotgun another they had just taken the pole. I may sound a little angry but I find myself with no alternative but to sound the alarm; anyone caught stealing from our community will face the full force of our local Police Department and Criminal System. (Unless we git to ya first)

There will be a Bar-Bee-Q at the Community Center on Saturday the 29 at 6 P.M. and will cost 5 bucks to git in. There will not be Pot Luck that day.

Thought for the week: I'd rather earn my lessons from hard work and failures then to have gotten them by deceit and laziness.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear that Kaye Hileman is not feeling very well and we all hope she gits better soon! Also, I am told that Fred Frederiksen is feeling better and is up and about after some knee surgery.

Looks like the Shack Attack is finally doing some good. Been seeing some guy on a bulldozer demolishing some of them eyesores. Hear he done tore down about five of them now.

Thought for the week: Too much is to little and too little be not enough. When perfection is the norm a small flaw or imperfection can give a thing it charm and value. Example: How much would you say a two-headed penny is worth?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having a Barbecue (its not using dolls as cue sticks) this Saturday at 6 P.M. Ok, the cue joke was bad, but I hear the grub will be real excellent down at the Community Center! Cost is five bucks and parking is free.

Birthdays for July are: Juanita Young and Bob Beggs.

Thought for the week: The meaning to life is to live and be free. It is that simple, nothing more.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community's BBQ was a great success with many folks showing up. They left their inhibitions at the door and were wolfing down the food like wild coyotes in a rabbit hutch. That same weekend there was a surprise birthday party for Sherry Rotruck and Mary Hedges at Bill and Jan Bonner's house. It was a nice party and yes they were surprised.

Our little Community hopes that everyone has a very happy and wondrous Fourth of July weekend! Please be extra cautious with yer fires around here cause it is woefully dry. Remember that you and me are the "us" in USA.

Thought for the week: It's always something, and if it's not always something, it's something else.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is pleased to hear that the great-granddaughter of Tex Foyil and Granddaughter of Jack & Barbara Foyil will be attending Duke University in September. Larissa Lee Goodwin graduated in the top 5% of her high school class and is the recipient of the Lew Wasserman Scholarship and Edward Bloustein Distinguished Scholars of New Jersey Scholarship. Thank you Sandra Foyil for the good news.

Thought for the week: If you stood directly on the North Pole what time would it be? Answer: Same time it is at the South Pole, but a different season!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Betty and Larry Catron have celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on July fourth with their two sons Dale and Kenny. Dale lives over yonder by the Frederiksen house and Kenny lives in Yucca Mesa in a house with a pool! Larry took Betty to Denny's Restaurant for breakfast and then had a quite evening at home with their two boys. The Catrons have lived on the Mesa for some thirty-five years.

Don't forget that Pot Luck is next Saturday and starts at 4:30 P.M. So put yer teeth in and drag yer poor old tired body down to the community center for some good eats.

Thought for the week: Some see kindness as a weakness and take you for all yer worth. Kindness is strength that should be used wisely.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Craig Colbert and Al Rubin have founded the Copper Mountain Observatory located at Winters Rd. and Mt. Nebo. They have been having Star Parties for their friends since last year and have now decided to start inviting the public. August 10 will be the first public Star Party and the program will start around 9:30 P.M. and will highlight the 20 or so must see summer objects. Please arrive early, if ya got a scope bring it, and turn off yer headlights! Children 10 or older may attend. Anyone wanting to attend should send an email to starparty@coppermountainobservatory.org. They will reply with directions, times and other important info. I just may grab my scope and red flashlight and head on over.

Bill and Jan Bonner's dog Casper has had successful hip surgery and is recovering nicely. Casper is one of them good old dogs that protect life and property. We all hope the best for this good dog.

Thought for the week: They say buy low and sell high. Well the Stock Market is low and may go lower but it ain't high!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a really great Pot Luck last Saturday. Some folks showed up whom we haven't seen for a longtime. There were three or four marshmallow salads that people brought and being the wise guy I had to ask if there was a sale on marshmallows. Stoney (Bob Stonebreaker) made an exceptionally good Chile, which we all consumed with vigor. We all sat around flapping our jaws swapping stories and tall tales until we was all worn out. It was another terrific ending to such a fine day up here in the Mesa.

A sad note: Zoila and Harry Preciado lost their good dog "Bear" on July 17. Bear was seven years old.

Birthdays this month are: Ruth Tuttle, Kay Johnson, Fred Frederiksen, Johnny Lopez, and Bob Seeley.

Thought for the week: The past few weeks revealed nothing but bad events in the news, some of them have made me angrier than a hornet shaken in a glass jar. But when they got them nine coal miners out of that mine, I was happier than a turtle in some poor folk's vegetable garden.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is enjoying these lazy days of summer, some by going elsewhere on vacation and others by staying inside out of the heat. If ya stay inside and been up here for awhile you'd probably have run into one of the most ugliest looking bugs on the face of this here planet. (Or elsewhere for that matter) Vinegarroons, Wind Scorpions, Sun Spiders, or what ever you want to call them, one was on my pillow last night. Woke me up at 3 in the morning. I killed it with a Sue Grafton detective novel I'd been reading. Hmm, "S" is for smash?

Not my first encounter with them ugly Scorpion want-a-be either. They like to crawl on the ceiling and drop down on you unexpectedly or hide in your clothes and shoes then scare the devil out of you when you put them on. My neighbor said that she never saw her husband strip so fast as when he found one in his boxer shorts!

Worst, I've seen a woman come screaming out of the house with one entangled in her hair. Got knocked out cold when she hit the fencepost.

I looked them up at the library and the bug book said they hunt and kill small invertebrate. Yikes! They have large tweezer like mandibles that can cut through a plastic shopping bag, I know, I seen it done! They say if you get bit by one you will taste vinegar in your mouth for a week. Well I've never met anyone who's been bit, it's always 'I know someone who knows someone who's been bit'. I have never been bit and I got them damn ugly bugs crawling around inside my home. Maybe they've been given a bad name. Maybe they are a symbiotic life form and just want to protect us vulnerable humans from other critters of the night. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to shake my clothes and empty my shoes and squish any of those creepy bugs with anything I can lay my hands on! Even another Sue Grafton detective novel if one is laying near by.

Thought for the week: Live to long and you waste yer life, live to short and ya run out of time.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a birthday party for me last Saturday and I would like to thank all those who came by. I told everyone that I didn't deserve it and they all agreed and said that they liked me anyways and thought it the right thing to do. I can tell ya that this is a fine bunch of folks out here and I love each and every one of them. When I got home after the party, there in my driveway all curled up rattling and ready to jump, was a Green Mohave snake. I thought for a few and decided to git the hose and spray him out of my yard. I don't like to be killing things (except them damn Vinegarroons) and snakes are here for a purpose. I have a friend that kills every snake on her property (she is Christian) and wonders why she has a herd of rodents running around. Well I guess the snake will git his fill of the little critters and move on. In the mean time I will watch where I step.

Thought for the week: Ask me to guard a million bucks and it will all be there when ya come back. Ask me to guard a dozen donuts and you'll be missing a few.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community's Bingo games will resume on September 3 and there will be free hotdogs, cake and ice cream for everyone. Five pull-tabs will be given with each purchase of regular 10 game papers. Also the regular Bingo game payback will be 100 percent for that night only! So if ya ever had a craving to eat and play Bingo, now's yer chance.

I am happy to report that Ruth Tuttle had successful hip replacement surgery August 8 at the High Desert Hospital in Joshua Tree. All her children were there, holding a vigil, during the operation. She was then sent to California Rehab in Palm Springs for one week and is now home and doing great. Ruth Tuttle used to write this column for the paper a few years back.

Fred Frederiksen had his ninetieth birthday last Saturday, which was well attended by close friends and relatives. Roz Drzal baked him a delicious cake and told me that Fred is feeling fine. Happy Birthday Fred!

Bob Stonebraker had a visit from his younger brother Bill and wife Karen from Washington State. I asked Bill if Stoney used to beat him up when he was little. Bill told me that out of all his brothers Stoney was the only one he'd go swimming with.

Thought for the week: If it weren't for dreams life wouldn't be worth living for some of us.

By Bob DeLoyd

Bob SeeleyOur little Community is having its potluck today, Saturday, at 4:30. Amongst eating and sitting around yapping we're going to celebrate Bob Seeley's birthday. There will be cake and ice cream and we git to watch Bob open up all his gifts.

Last week I tried to go on a motorcycle trip up north but my bike suddenly died about 8 miles east of the 395 HWY. I was stranded by George Air force Base and some Federal Prison and had drunk all my water while I was trying to fix the bike in the 113-degree heat. I gave up on the bike and started to hitchhike. After some time with my thumb out and no luck I looked around found I was standing in front of a Federal Prison sign (which is perhaps why people wouldn't stop to help). Desperate, I flagged down a small pickup and told them my situation and that I needed to get to a phone and some water. StoneyThey took me to a town called Adelanto where I got a hotel room at the Budget Inn. The pool was unheated but the room had a vibrating Easy Boy chair, cable TV, and the folks there were real nice. The next day my friend Bob Stonebraker came with a trailer and hauled me and my broken bike back home but not before he tried out that vibrating chair. It wasn't the vacation I wanted but stranded like I was taught me a lesson: I will definitely have a cell phone for my next trip.

If you would like to share your vacation tales with this column please let me know.

Birthdays for September: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Donna Myers, Kimberly Herrera, and Marcie Hines.

Thought for the week: You can exercise yer body by running but if ya don't exercise yer mind you may not know where yer running to.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community's Fire Department Station No. 44 celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. The station is no longer operational, but on Aug. 28, 1982 it started officially responding to calls. Mike Villarreal, who was the first and only Captain, tells me that the first week was a real whopper with the crew responding to auto accidents, drug overdoses, fires, and a tornado! The tornado was responsible for ripping the roofs off a number of homes; picked up a truck and water trailer and tossed them into a mangled heap; Sucked all the water out of a swimming pool. Wow! Even all the television networks were out covering this catastrophe. Ruth Ruffin's house was damaged so heavily that she and Doris Wilbur had to live in a trailer until repairs could be made. Some say it was the first time they ever seen Doris humbled and it took a tornado. We would like to thank all our neighbors who participated and donated their time and efforts in the construction and operation of Station No. 44

More Birthdays for September: Roz and Ed Drzal. Roz wanted me to add that she didn't bake the cake for Fred's birthday like I reported two weeks ago. She and Mary Lou Kernop bought the cake on behave of the community for Fred.

Thought for the week: I know a spinster so tight that if she sneezed and broke wind at the same time there'd be nothing left of her but a cloud of dust bunnies and stale perfume.

By Bob DeLoyd

I wrote this on 9/11 of last year to appear in that week's Saturday paper. I believe it is appropriate to run it again. Thank you and God Bless America!

Our little Community is deeply saddened by the horrific events that our country has suffered last Tuesday. Our hearts go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this cowardly terrorist attack on our nation and our beliefs. In time we will recover. In time we will endure. And in time we will strike back with all the force, all the authority and resolve that this great nation of ours can bring forth.

Thought for the week: "I fear we have only succeeded in awakening a sleeping giant." Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy after the attack on Peal Harbor.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Lee and Marcie Hines after 20 years of marriage are renewing their wedding vows this Saturday. Lee is a member of the board of directors at our community center and Marcie runs the M&M room with Marge Seeley. I will write more next week on this big event!

I remember when I was a security guard at an apartment complex. It was a Saturday night and a bunch of drunks were stuck in an elevator on the fourth floor. Every time I tried to tell them how to open the doors, I could here them on the other side laughing and giggling, I would have to start over again. So on the third try I said in a loud and authoritative voice, 'When I release the break, the elevator will start to fall, just before you hit the bottom, jump up'. They were real quiet after that and I was able to instruct them on how to open the doors.

Thought for the week: Life is like an apple pie; it needs some ice cream to make it complete.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear that Gerda Wagner has passed away last week. Gerda was born in Germany, 1934. Gerda took the Great Latinum and studied pharmacy and botany. She was chief pharmacist of a hospital and taught botanics at a university part time and in the last years joined some advisory council of the FDA, policing homeopathic drug regulations. Gerda was truly happy and grateful about her move to the high desert: she instantly loved the desert and thanks to Rocky, Seimi and caring folks in the community, didn't want to return to Germany. As she loved the desert so much, so her remains will be scattered. Farewell Gerda, may you find peace.

Fred Frederiksen and his son Gaylord had a surprise birthday party for Ed and Roz Drzal. Ed and Roz thought they were going to Fred's for a Mexican dinner and found more then 20 guests with a cake and their names on it. They only put a few candles on so as not to burn down the house.

Jackie and Pere Johnston drove up to Whidbey Island Washington to Oak Harbor for Pere's 20th High School reunion was last month. They borrowed daughter Anna's tent trailer for the week and camped out while they were up there. The temp was in the 60's and low 70's and they did think of all of us desert folks back here in the heat! Pere had a great time at all of the reunion functions. Jackie said that Whidbey Island is so beautiful! Evergreens the size of mountains! She had never seen so many in one place before. If you get a chance to go to Washington don't pass it up, it's really a great place!

Priscilla Drew will have a start-up meeting for those interested in road improvement for our community at the Center today, Saturday, at 2:00 P.M. And then stick around for potluck, which starts at 4:30!

Thought for the week: It eats at my gut when those who deceive and manipulate falsehoods as an occupation have the authority to alter the truth.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a mighty good potluck this last Saturday with almost 40 folks showing up. There was lots of grub at the beginning but it got all ate up. It happened to be Marcie Hines's birthday and somebody brought cake and ice cream so we all wished her a happy birthday with a song.

Birthdays this month: Colleen Schweitzer, and Larry Catron whose wife Betty reminded me at potluck to make real sure I put it in my column.

Thought for the week: People lie for those who don't want to know the truth.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is surprised that there are still vermin out there stealing our street signs. Don't they know that the fire and police departments depend on those signs? How about the paramedics where every second counts to save a life. We have many senior citizens up here who need a quick response in an emergency. So if you are one of these vermin, redeem yourself, and please bring our street signs back. Take them off your rec. room walls and return them to our community center. You may just save a life!

Thought for the week: Only the impossible is possible.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community will be having its General meeting on November 9 at 2 P.M. Our regular association board meeting will start at noon. Any member who wants to run for the board and govern our little community for two years should contact Ruth Tuttle or Pricilla Drew. I heard that there maybe cake and ice cream before the General meeting but cookies and coffee fer sure!

I also heard that there's not going to be a Casino Night this October. However there is a plan in the works to have a Christmas party on December 14. The plans for the party are a little vague at this time so it's my job to keep ya all updated as I learn more.

Now don't forget to come to our potluck on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 4:30 P.M.! We been having a real good turnout, lots of nice folks, and the food has been gut busting fantastic.

Thought for the week:Politicians are like donuts: A vacant hole surrounded by a lot of hype.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community should beware of knocks on the door come this October 31. Not the knocks where monsters and hobgoblins are standing, but when no one is there. Last year at this time I had a knock on the door and opened it to find an empty yard. As I was shutting the door I heard the patter of little feet and saw these little people, each of them about the size of a thumb, scurry inside and hide among the cracks and crevices of my cabin. Ever since their arrival things have gone missing or moved from where I had placed them. As I sleep soundly in my bed, They've been pulling hair out of my head and have braided them into little bits of yarn they knit into the clothing they wear; now I know why I've been going bald. So beware and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Before moving to our area four years ago, Jan and Bill Bonner lived in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Being ardent baseball fans, they had season tickets to all the Philles games. During a Philles-Dodgers series in May of 1985, a batter hit a foul ball just behind the visitor's dugout and Bill caught it. Jan and Bill have kept the ball all this time, although the ball never had any special significance to it until a few days ago when the Angels made it to the World Series. You see, the foul ball was off the bat of then Dodger's catcher, Mike Scioscia, the current Angel's manager.

Remember to come on down for potluck this Saturday 26, at 4:30.

Thought for the week: You don't need to sit on a tack to know its sharp.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sad to hear that Bob Smith has passed away. He had been sick for some time and we all knew the time was near but its still a shock. Bob loved nature and all of her critters. He was an avid gardener and grew vegetables to eat and flowers to admire. He and his longtime friend Dan Adelsperger came to our area in 1975 and were full time residents by 1980 after Bob retired from Sony. Bob enjoyed riding dirt bikes and playing with kids; he supported the Boys and Girls Club of Joshua Tree. We will miss his good humor and kindness especially at potluck. Bob was of the Chippewa Tribe and I am told that a great bird appeared at his house that day to guide his spirit. I believe this. His brave dog Chelsea guarded him till the end.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its General meeting today, Saturday, at 2 P.M. At the General meeting we will elect members of the board who will govern over our little community for two years. So come on down to the community center and cast yer vote and please check yer weapons at the door!

Thought for the week: I would think that with all those negative political TV ads it would lead one to believe that we are governed by crooks, scoundrels, and thieves. Oh my!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its annual general meeting last Saturday and elected five new board members for two-year terms. They are: Lee Hines, Ron Dehart, Priscilla Drew, Bill Morrison, and Steve Tuttle. Bob Beggs will remain President, Steve Tuttle VP.

The Copperettes are gearing up for the Christmas Basket Program and have been collecting stuff all year. There is a food/toy donation box at the center. If you know anyone in our area who would appreciate a basket have them contact Mary Helen Tuttle (between 5-8 P.M. if ya call her) by Dec. 1 to be put on the list. The Copperettes will contact the recipients and deliver the baskets by Dec. 20. I am told that all requests will be handled discreetly.

Potluck will be on Saturday the 30th of this month. So save those leftovers from Thanksgiving and bring them on over!

Thought for the week: There's something good about being right, but there's nothing right about being wrong and not corrected.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a visit from Loren and Cecilia Anderson of Bowling Green, Ohio. They were here on the 12th and 13th of this month to tie up loose ends of their Aunt Eva Villalun's estate. They dropped by my house with Seimi Shiba who was giving them the Grand Tour of our little community and gave me a big hug. And I met Sugar their dog. Cecilia wrote me when she got back to Ohio: "Hi Bob, I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was for us to meet you in person. It is always nice being able to put a face to a name. Maybe the next time that we come to your little community, we'll be able to spend a little more time there. This trip was just too rushed!!! Hey! If you should happen to see Ruth Tuttle, please tell her that we said Hi. We stopped by her place, but she wasn't home and we didn't have time to go back. We would love to hear from her. Thanks again for everything."

Don't forgit Potluck will be on Saturday the 30th of this month. So save those leftovers from Thanksgiving and bring them on over!

Thought for the week: Creativity needs no one's approval.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community hopes that ya all had an excellent Thanksgiving, and wishes that everyone will have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Just in case ya forgot, Potluck will be today Saturday the 30th. So save those leftovers from Thanksgiving and bring them on over!

Thought for the week: You know yer losing yer memory when you can't remember what it was you forgot or forgot what it was yer forgetting to remember. YIKES!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Priscilla Drew recently arrived home from vacation and she has written the following for us: "My trip to Seattle went perfectly, 3200 miles through beautiful countryside. New England shouldn't do all the bragging; our western seacoast states have gorgeous fall colors. I oh'd and ah'd aloud to myself. Indescribable beauty! Ten times along the way I stopped to visit family and friends. It was great to be welcomed at nightfall into a warm home and hospitality after a day of driving.

On the road, I listened to recorded books, ones I got from our library (Try "The Professor and the Madman" or "Lord Jim" or "Heart of Darkness"). Good listening made the time pass pleasantly, mile after mile.

Two highlights: Crossing Puget Sound on the ferry. My grandson and I were the only ones top deck, the rain gentle and cold on our faces as we headed east to Edmonds Ferry Landing. Another highpoint was seeing Mt.Shasta in the light of dying day (mauves and pinks), then again in early morning light when new falling snow looked like powered sugar being sifted down on that conical mountain from some great sifter in the sky. Lots of rain, but no car trouble, just a slower pace. Everything around me green, red, gold, orange--glistening leaves on trees, trees, trees. Good highways and roads. A trip to remember."

Birthday for December: Bill Morrison, Mary Lou Kernop, Carolyn Kerschiman and Ray Foyil.

Thought for the week: An instant in time is all we have to plan for the future and think of the past.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Thomas R. Long recently arrived home from vacation in Australia and he has written the following for us:

"The trip to 'Oz', aka Australia, began at LAX, on a Sydney bound Air New Zealand flight. Once on board at 9:30 p.m., it was drinks, dinner and a movie, then lights out. About 8 hours later, we're within an hour of landing at 6:00 a. m. The first couple of days, explored Sydney and State of New South Wales! Toured the Sydney Opera House. Climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge! Saw Bea Arthur (Golden Girls...she's now 80! ), in a stand up comedy review! Visited St. Mary's Cathedral on Elizabeth Street near Hyde Park. Explored the Sydney Olympic Park, site of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games!
On to Cairns (pronounced 'cans') in the Australian State of Queensland, took a big CAT-catamaran to Michaelmas Cay on the Great Barrier Reef, to see nesting birds from Siberia, to snorkel and to SCUBA dive for the first time. Saw beautiful tropical fish, and giant clams the size of a sofa! Then, took an old fashioned train up 3000 ft. through 12 hand honed tunnels to Karandu, an ancient Aboriginal campsite, and late '60s hippie establishment. Great for souvenirs like Opals, South Sea Tahitian pearls, Aboriginal Art and didgeridoos!
On to Darwin, at the "top end" Northern Territory, Australia, took a hot and sweaty tropical safari to Kakadu National Park! Swam with the Crocs! Camped with Aboriginals to learn the Magpie Goose Dance, the Long Neck Turtle Dance, and the Kangaroo Dance. Saw wallabies, kangaroos, wild horses called Brimbys, dingoes (wild dogs), and frilly-necked lizards; the fly spitter fish spit right in my eye! Tried to play the didgeridoo, but sounded like a wounded water buffalo! So fortunate an Aussie woman in Cairns suggested a fly-net hat! Millions and millions of flies but survivable!
Back to LAX, through Sydney from Darwin, during a 40-hour day! Two nights, two mornings! The adventure was the greatest I've had. I recommend to all who have considered Australia, go when you can. Spend about three (3) weeks. The exchange rate to excellent right now. The Australians love Americans! Australia is really a giant desert, except for the coastal areas. And only 20 million people on a land mass the size of the USA. That's about 2/3 the population of California! Lots of walking, so keep up your hiking!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is hunkered down for these El Nino storms that are coming our way. Last Monday the winds were so high that my outhouse almost took flight, I caught it before it could make its way to Arizona. My next home improvement is sure to be indoor plumbing.

I saw Mary Lou Kernop shopping last week with Jackie Johnston, she had her hair done and she looked real pretty. Her birthday was on the tenth.

The CMM Board had its last meeting of the year with the good news that the budget was almost in balance, thanks to those members who worked so hard during the year. The Board also welcomed new board members Ron Dehart and Priscilla Drew, who will join forces to make 2003 an even greater success. Meanwhile the Copperettes have put together ten Christmas baskets to be given out to local families in our community. Come on down and support our little community by coming to our First Saturday Breakfast, Last Saturday Potluck, and visiting the M&M Room or Roz's Boutique where you can purchase mighty fine gifts.

Remember we are having our potluck next Saturday 28, and we start eating at 4:30.

Thought for the week: Reason is the river that erodes the shores of absurdity.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community will say goodbye next Tuesday to the year 2002 with the hope that 2003 will be a lot better. We leave behind some good old friends who have passed on, but made some new ones too. We had our difference of opinions and misunderstandings but held together as a community. With the rest of the world looking like it's falling apart, and leaders who wouldn't know how to pour water out of a boot even if the instructions were printed on the heel, ain't it nice to have yer friends and neighbors in our little community Copper Mountain Mesa.

I would like to thank those of you who have contributed to my column, its makes writing it a lot easier. And thanks to those who read it. Have a mighty good New Year!

Remember we are having our potluck today, Saturday 28, and we start eating at 4:30.

© 2002