Our Little Community






By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that on Dec. 26th the lovely Kaye Hileman had her birthday party. Ruth Tuttle backed her a cake and Mary Lou Kernop, Jackie Johnston, and Ruth Moltron went over to Kaye's. Her son Patrick and the ladies all song happy birthday and enjoyed cake and ice cream. Happy birthday Kaye!

Don't forget the Breakfast this Saturday 4th at 8:30 A.M. at our community center. Pancakes, eggs how you like them, bacon or sausage, and more!

Birthdays this month are: Rick Seeley, Marge Seeley, and Sharon Weaver.

Thought for the week: If you can dream it, you can make it come true!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its first Board meeting of the year today, Saturday, at 10 A.M. So come on down and help git the New Year off to a good start. Check yer weapons at the door and volunteer and help yer community.

I heard that the First Saturday Breakfast of last week was a great success thanks to the hard working volunteers who prepared the fine Cuisine that our local folks have grown so accustom to.

The USDA food distribution will be on Monday the 13 this month because of the King holiday.

Thought for the week: People who are in a rush cause the most harm.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy to announce that once a month Priscilla Drew is going to help us all keep informed of the goings on at the Community center. This month Priscilla writes:
Ila Foyil is working on making Bingo Night at CMMCC more fun than ever. She is handing out survey papers for players to consider, and fill out then return to her. The papers will describe different names, players will think about which games they want, get their request back to Ila.
Two major events coming up:
February's first-breakfast-of-the-month will be a Sweetheart Breakfast because of you-know-what. It's very special, with champagne and all. $4.50 served 8-11.

Fabulous Spaghetti Feast, Saturday, February 15th. All you can eat, $5.00 per ticket. Bring drinks if you like, or buy from the soft drink machine at the Center. For our pleasure, Ron Dehart will be playing his guitar and singing.

Thought for the week: If today is the first day for the rest of yer life, what was yesterday?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has been having a wonderfully mild winter so far this January. The big tub of water that I leave out for the critters hasn't frozen up this winter as it usually does in late November. I've seen some Dragonflies around my old Greasewood recently and have taken some pictures of them. Never seen them this late in the winter.

Our Potluck is today, Saturday, and we start eating the grub at 4:30. Bring yer cooking creations on over to the community center and share them with yer neighbors.

Don't forget next Saturday, February the first, is the Sweetheart Breakfast. So put yer teeth in, grab yer honey, and drag her on down for a very special champagne breakfast. $4.50 served 8-11.

Thought for the week: God bless the Marines!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy that Nashville recording sensation artist singer songwriter Ron Dehart will be playing his guitar and singing at our first annual "Fabulous Spaghetti Feast", Saturday, February 15th from 4 to 7 P.M. All you can eat, $5.00 per ticket. Ron who was a denizen of Massachusetts took up dwellings in our little community some four years ago. He has recorded five albums with one, Dharma Boogie, selling over ten thousand copies.

Don't forget today, Saturday, February the first, is the Sweetheart Breakfast. $4.50 served 8-11.

Thought for the week: Try as you may, try as you might, if it ain't worth saying it won't git typed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sad to hear that last week Carmen Martinez had passed away. She had moved here almost a year ago with her husband Louie and their two grand children. She was ill when she moved here and didn't get to partake in the community very much. It is sad indeed that we all didn't get to know her very well. I can say that she made the best damn tamales that I ever had! God bless you Carman.

Jackie Johnston would like to thank all those wonderful people here in our little community that have been praying for her nephew Steve. She has written a rather lengthy update on his condition which can be read on the CopperMountainMesa.com website.

I was told that this Saturday is Ed and Roz Drzal's fiftieth anniversary.

Birthdays for the month: Pam and John Waddell, Earl Wilbert.

Thought for the week (my Space Shuttle Challenger Tribute: Shooting across the sky at incredible speeds, sixteen minutes from home.
Sons and daughters waiting anxiously, sixteen minutes from home.
Thunderclaps announce their arrival on a cloudless day, sixteen minutes from home.
The sky is lit by their vessel's wake, sixteen minutes from home.
Seven souls reached their destiny, sixteen minutes from home.
Frozen in time and history, sixteen minutes from home.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community was the gateway to the East last week when Highway 62 was shutdown because of a bomb scare. Seems that Winters Road is one, if not the only, bypass for Highway 62. A whole lot of cars were coming down this unpaved dirt road, with some getting lost because vandals acquire the street signs, and others driving at 65 mph and creating lots of dust.
Another odd thing happened last week when I turned on my TV and saw the face of Bob Beggs on it! Seems that he may have found some kind of shuttle part in his front yard.

Priscilla Drew reports on the Board Meeting: Of course, a topic of business at the monthly Board Meeting was our fund-raiser, the Fabulous Spaghetti Dinner coming up this Saturday February 15th. Two lucky listeners to radio station Z107.7 will win tickets to the event. Think about it: good food, plenty of it, great music, and friendliness to warm the heart! Come take part.
We like to have people in the audience at our CMMCC Board meetings because it is a good time for putting thoughts and ideas into the works, adding to the life of the Center. One contribution this month was a heartfelt request that the community be aware of, and support, our Sunfair Animal Shelter that does such an important service related to our animal friends.

Another birthday to report this month is Zoila Preciado.

Thought for the week: Nobody wants war, but sometimes you must go to war. It's like taking foul tasting medicine in the hopes of getting better.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Ruth Ruffin went into the hospital last week with a little touch of pneumonia. She is doing fine and can't wait to git back to her dogs and cats. Our good wishes go out to Ruth for a fast recovery. Also last week Marge Seeley won the blackout at Bingo and hooted and hollered so much that it was recorded on the seismograph at Cal Tech.

Fabulous Spaghetti Dinner was just that, Fabulous. I heard that there were over forty folks gobbling down on the all you can eat spaghetti. Some ate so much that they were carted out to their cars by wheelbarrow!

Don't forget that Potluck is today, Saturday the 22nd, and we all start feasting at 4:30 P.M. sharp!

Thought for the week: Don't be a follower, don't be mislead. Find out the facts and then use yer own head!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had quite a soaking last Tuesday but the roads have seemed to hold up pretty nicely. There weren't any major problems with washouts, just a few spots that were flooded but passable even with a small car. We can all thank Mike the Grader who did a mighty nice job of grading our roads last week.

Last week's potluck was a real winner because we had a birthday cake for Zoila Preciado! Only sixteen folks may have showed up but it was like one big happy family. After potluck some of us went to Lee and Marcie Hines house to watch the Tyson- Black Rhino fight which lasted all but 49 seconds. We were all wondering how the guy who was knocked out was able to take his mouthpiece out as he fell! If ya saw the fight ya know what I mean.

Don't forget that First Saturday Breakfast is today, March 1st, and starts at 8 A.M.

Thought for the week: If you don't lie you will be less likely to believe in one.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sad to hear that Ruth Ruffin's favorite little pup Chester has passed on due to a genetic disorder of the pancreas. Ruth really loved that dog and he will be missed. Folks up here in Copper Mountain Mesa take our pets seriously because they pull double duty by keeping coyotes and other vermin at bay and by being lovable companions.

The USDA food distribution will be on March 17th.

Stevie and Mike Villarreal celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary last month.

Birthdays this month: Seima Shiba, Harry Preciado, and Richard Fountain.

Thought for the week: The world news has been so horrific lately that I started watching the Tonight Show for Jay Leno's monologue on world events. Of course I git my local news from the Hi Desert Star!

New on the CopperMountainMesa.com website are the web POLLS. Each month I will endeavour to place a new poll for things and events that affect our little community. This month we ask the question: SHOULD WINTERS ROAD BE PAVED? You vote....... //bob

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community doesn't have much going on, at least what I know of, at this time. Maybe it's like the calm before the storm where everyone is hunkered down waiting to see what happens next. If or when we do go to war I know that our little community will support our Troops. I hope whichever way you feel about this conflict, for or against, that you rally and support the Armed Forces of our beloved country. With that said, God bless America!

The USDA food distribution is this Monday, March 17th.

Thought for the week: I rather have friends than money, but I have been known to settle for both.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Chris Jonas, who calls Tuesday night Bingo, has taken ill and will be away for a few weeks. Bob Stonebraker will call Bingo until Chris is well enough to come back. We all hope that Chris gits better soon!

Ruth Ruffin, a longtime resident and patron of our little community, has moved to Joshua Tree last Saturday with the help of her good friends and neighbors.

Don't fergit that potluck is next Saturday the 29th. So put yer good overalls on, yer teeth in, comb yer hair if ya got any left, and come on down! We start consumption at 4:30 P.M.

Thought for the week: Now that we have Patriot fries and Patriot toast, what do we call a French kiss?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy to hear that Betty Catron is recovering nicely at the Continuing Care Center after hip replacement surgery she had after breaking it about three weeks ago. Betty and Larry Catron have lived here in the Mesa for some thirty-five years and have two sons Dale and Kenny. We all hope ya git better real soon Betty!

Don't fergit that potluck is today, Saturday the 29th. Ya better git there promptly because we start engorging ourselves at 4:30 P.M. and there might be nothing left.

Thought for the week: Being tactful is usually considered only after the fact, in the wee hours of the night alone in a tousled bed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a really good potluck last Saturday. There were a lot of new people that came by and helped themselves to the fantastic food. Now this Saturday we will have our First Saturday Breakfast and all are invited! It starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 11 A.M.

Andy "Joe" Lane wrote: If you have room in your article could you mention how I will miss my neighbors the Bennett family who are moving this week? They have become dear friends to me and will be greatly missed.

Birthdays this month: Bob Stonebraker, Bill Bonner, Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Maryhelen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Pere Galloway, Tim Villarreal, Ruth Malton and Roger Toomes.

Thought for the week: 99 percent of us are good. The other 1 percent causes all the problems.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has been enjoying the beautiful weather of the past couple of days. The winds seemed to have died down for now and desert flowers are starting to bloom. I was sitting on my front porch the other day taking pleasure in the moment when I saw a white goat run by. Well you just don't see that very often. I tried calling out to the fleeing goat but had to be content watching over it as it made its way across the fields and disappear from sight.

The USDA food distribution will be Monday April 21.

Thought for the week: Living is what you do before you git there and before where you have been. Living is in the moment.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is drying out from the wet weather we had earlier this week. Last week's column I was writing about the nice summer like weather we have been enjoying and then this week it seemed like winter. Found a few new leaks in my roof and all my firewood had gotten wet!

Last Saturday friends of Bob Stonebraker and Bill Bonner threw a wingding of a birthday party for them over at the home of Lee and Marcie Hines. Many a good folk showed up and had a wonderful time.

Don't forgit that the USDA food distribution will be Monday April 21 and that potluck will be on Saturday the 26.

Thought for the week: There's no could have beens, only will bes.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community would like to thank all those folks who volunteer their time for our community. From the Board members all the way down to the dishwasher who works the First Saturday Breakfast. They all work hard and with little praise. It takes a team effort and no one can do it alone.

Priscilla Drew reporting to you about Board Meeting: Held the second Saturday of each month, CMMCC Board Meetings are the means for carrying out the necessary action that keeps the Center alive and well. There, decisions are made about bills, fund-raising, repairs, social gatherings, and community interaction. The nine elected members do their best to carry out their responsibility so all the membership can enjoy the benefits. Do come along to take part in discussions, and invite others to become members of our Center.
Heaps of thanks go to Mary Helen Tuttle for working to bring about a sizeable refund on the Center's 2001 property taxes, overpaid that year. She works hard at many tasks and deserves recognition. Thanks, M.H.! The Board is open to gather ideas and information, pros and cons, related to County's possible paving of Winters Road. What do you think after your own careful consideration? Is it for better, or for worse, to have the road paved? What are your reasons? Perhaps we will see you in the audience next Board Meeting?

Thought for the week: I will respect yer right to say what ya want if you respect my right not to listen.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a very nice potluck last Saturday with lots of good food and friends. Dan Adelsperger cooked up some mighty fine finger licking good barbeque ribs which everyone quickly devoured. Sherry Rotruck whipped up a salad and Priscilla Drew had some homemade applesauce on hand. There were plenty of chile beans provided by Mr. Stonebraker, and a lady, who I forgot her name, brought some baked beans that reminded ya of the Deep South. There were all kinds of cakes, cookies, pies, and fruit jell-O. But my favorite was the lemon cake that I took home because some was not eaten. I took some pictures of the folks there and I’ll put them up on the website.

Thought for the week: Sometimes it don’t pay to be honest cause sometimes the truth isn’t clear. Many gone broke and it ain’t no joke cause folks believe what they want to hear.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has learned that a long time resident has moved down the hill to live with her niece. Marylou Kernop has been a real asset and was involved with many activities at our community center. She had run Bingo for a number of years and attended many a board meeting where she was very outspoken. Marylou was a nurse in her younger days and taught nursing later in her career; some of her old students still keep in touch. She was an eye witness of the attack on Pearl Harbor and told me of that day. She was well liked and will be missed. I hope she will keep in touch.

Birthdays this month: Bob Nelson, Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, C. Myer, Ruth Ruffin, and Mary Moowea.

Thought for the week: Nobody likes to be called apathetic and lethargic especially by those who want yer help.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Rick Seeley had been ill last week and was in the hospital for a few days. Rick is at home and doing better now and we all hope him a fast recovery.

Priscilla Drew has written an interesting story about restoring her Grandfather’s desk and I am happy to present it to you: Recently I worked hard to remove coat after coat of paint on a desk that had been my Grandfather's. Originally it was a built-in piece, a rather unrefined bit of cabinetry. I went to live with my grandfather when I was four and remember him sitting at that desk as he paid bills or wrote letters. When he died, my aunt took the desk and used it in her home. There, I remember her sitting at the old desk, by now repainted several times. She would be paying bills or writing letters. I lived with her, and loved her very much.
As I began to scrape paint off the inner workings of the desk, above the "pigeon holes" I came upon a line of yellowed newspaper clippings, carefully cut and glued in a long row. They could be seen only, at eye level, if a person were sitting at the desk. I had never seen them before. There were ten "sayings" pasted end to end. Below are three of them, messages from Aunt Marci. I worked hard to leave all of them intact.
Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements. Be just as enthusiastic about the successes of others as you are about your own. Thanks, Aunt Marci!

Thought for the week: Spam! I hate it! I am not talking about the meat product, but the unsolicited email kind. I now receive hundreds of them a day. I even get Spam that tells me how to fight Spam. Now I am forced to change my email address for this column because my inbox is inundated with stuff that would make a Marine blush. I think I’ll forward all to those meatheads in Washington who have procrastinated so long in fixing this problem. Tip: NEVER OPEN UNSOLICITED EMAIL!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community celebrated Ruth Ruffin’s 80th birthday last weekend with a wonderful catered party at her home hosted by Bill and Jan Bonner. Her sister Imogene Pennington came all the way from Sonora California and brought along her son Steve from Long Beach. The grub was great and the folks sat around jawing well into the evening. I took a bunch of pictures of the party and you can see them when you git the chance at CopperMountainMesa.Com which is as close to a community website that we have.

I will let ya know now that Potluck is on, Saturday, thirty-first of this month and starts at 4:30 sharp. We always seem to have a great turnout and plenty of food. So put yer teeth in and come on over to the community center for the feast of yer life!

Thought for the week: From my friend Dale Knoll, who is known as the Sage of Landers: Don’t do yer friends as a baby does a diaper.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a wonderful Memorial weekend with friends and families coming to visit our beautiful Desert. Some of us attended a get-together in the memory of Bob Smith who had passed on September of last year. It was held at Jan and Bill Bonner’s home and Dan Adelsperger supplied all the fixings. Dee Hapayan brought his wife Grace and their lovely niece Barbara and he played the organ and entertained us for many an hour till we made him stop to eat. Ruth Tuttle, Ruth Ruffin, Sherry Rotruck, Bob Stonebraker were there along with Priscilla Drew and Julie and Bob Beggs, the Hines, Seeleys, and many more. And yes there was Lemmon cake too!

Don’t fergit that Bingo is every Tuesday night at 6:30 P.M. and will be going on thru the summer months! So if ya got nowheres ta go, just put yer trust in old lady luck and come on down to our community center and play a few.

Thought for the week: Seems like it’s when you stop looking for something there it is.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community’s potluck is growing bigger by the month. Everyone put in quite an effort cause there were all kinds of different foods to pick from. Many salads, cakes and pies and cookies to choose or just eat them all! The main course included baked ham, egg rolls, and beef and dumplings. Yes the line to the food is gitting longer but we all love the company.

I was watching the sunset the other evening and a rider approached on horseback. Well we don’t git many of those come riding by so I shuffled on into the cabin and retrieved my camera. They were a little closer now and I could just make out that it was Stevie Villarreal. She hollered ‘Its me on a horse’ and I came back with ‘I didn’t think you grew two more legs’. She told me he was 22 years old and his name was Mercedes, the only Mercedes she’ll ever own, and that he is a Thoroughbred and very tame. We chatted a bit until a car appeared down the road apiece and we thought best to say our goodbyes as the car may spook Mercedes. Just like in the movies horse and rider took off riding into the sunset. I almost started singing “Happy trails to you”.

Birthdays this month: Sherry Rotruck, Lee Hines, RaeLynn Herrera, and Ila Foyil.

Thought for the week: It is only junk until ya need it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is feeling the heat of summer’s approach and everyone is scrambling to git their swamp coolers working before the real heat hits. It looks like this year is going to be a real sizzle of a summer so it might be a good idea to have some spare pumps and other cooler parts on hand. Shade and a big bowl of water for yer critters is a good idea too. Don’t work to hard on a hot day especially on a roof, I did and got blisters on my behind. Best time of the day during the summer, I think, is in the evening when I go and watch the sunset and water my garden, butt naked, and that’s one thing you can’t do in the city where ya got a lot of neighbors close by.

Thought for the week: Folks who gripe, grumble and moan seem always disappointed no matter what ya say. So say what needs saying to them unhappy folk and then shut-up and walk away.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community gets letters from all over the country from folks who read our column. Just the other day I received a letter from Jim McCary of Chillicothe, Ohio who wrote: “Hi Bob thank you for responding to my E-mail. It has been about 12 years since I have been to the desert and I miss it a lot. I live a long way from there now and if you see Joe Herrera will you please tell him Lucky said Hello? He is a long time family friend that I have lost contact with since moving to Ohio.” Well Jim, what better way for me to tell Joe then to have it printed in the High Desert Star.

We celebrated Lee Hines and Sherry Rotruck’s birthday on Friday the thirteenth with fried chicken, potato salad, and cake with ice cream. Sherry had lost her faithful dog of ten years the other week and we thinks that the party cheered her up a little. Sherry is a first-rate person and we folks up here are sure glad to have her friendship. Lees ok too!

Now don’t fergit that our potluck is next Saturday at 4:30 sharp and we plan on seeing ya all there! So put yer teeth in, grab yer gal, and head on down to our community center for some eats.

Thought for the week: Drink deep the waters of knowledge. Become a reservoir for those who thirst.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sad to hear that Seimi Shiba’s Father has passed away. Seimi is well liked in our community and helps many folks in need around here. We are all saddened by his loss.

Now I told you last week not to fergit that our potluck is today, Saturday, at 4:30 sharp. So ya better git down there to the community center and have some of Stoney’s famous barn burning, pants ah fire, jump in the lake hot chili before they is gone. Well they aren’t that hot but I was told to spice up my writings a bit.

Birthdays for July: Juanita Young, and Bob Beggs.

Thought for the week: Time heals all wounds and we got the scars to prove it!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a wonderful potluck this last Saturday with thirty-three folks showing up and lots to eat. Some out of town folks, Darrell and Alicia Stallings, were visiting Lee and Marcie Hines home “El Ranchito” and came to the potluck with their kids, Crystal, Stacy and Andrew. They sent an email telling us what a nice time they had. Well we just can’t wait for the next potluck, which will be on Saturday the 26 of this month.

Thought for the week: When we celebrate our independence this week let us also remember one great man whose morals and principals this beloved country of ours are founded on and would not exist as the democratic society that it is; Benjamin Franklin.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community would like to invite y’all to Bingo every Tuesday night at our community center located on Winters Road. Now ya know it’s been hot lately and there ain’t no nothing except reruns on the TV. So why waste yer time sitting in a hot house on the sofa feeling sorry fer yerself when ya could be down at our air-conditioned center jawing with yer friends and winning at Bingo. If yer hungry, the folks there even serve up some grub before Bingo starts at 6:30 and have cake and ice cream at the break. So I don’t want to hear anyone howling that there’s not nothing to do up here!

Thought for the week: We have the right to pursue happiness but there are no guarantees that yer ever going to obtain it or even recognize it if ya did.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Jackie Johnston has been under the weather lately and we all hope she gits better soon.

Mary Hedges won blackout at Bingo last Tuesday, which I bet, made her real happy. Ruth Tuttle’s Grandson is going into the Army and she’ll write a little something about this for us next week. Other wise it been dang hot out here and to dang hot to write a decent column fer ya’all, so we’ll hope fer better next week.

Thought for the week: When the cruel heat of summer’s brightness beats down upon yer head, think of the cold frost of winter’s shadows with icicles, instead.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community heard last week that Kyle Tuttle is going into the Army and that Ruth Tuttle (his Grandma) would write a story for us, so here it is: “A farewell party was given for Kyle Tuttle, who is going to be serving in the U.S. Army Airborne Division. Family and friends gathered to wish him best wishes and good luck. Friend Bob Seeley, retired Marine and survivor of Pearl Harbor, gave Kyle advice on how to stay out of trouble, to always answer, YES SIR or NO SIR to his Officers.
Kyle is a 2003 Graduate of Yucca Valley High School and achieved many MPV awards with his track team. He was also awarded $ 32,500 scholarship from the Army. Written by his proud Grandma Ruth Tuttle.” Well the folks up here wish Kyle the best and keep yer head down!

Before I fergit I better tell ya that potluck is today, Saturday, and we start feeding at 4:30 on the dot!

Thought for the week: Last Tuesday was a great day; Ex-POW Jessica Lynch is safe at home in her bed!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a delightful potluck last Saturday with lots of folks showing up. Among them were Bob Beggs' in-laws and I asked Bob to tell us folks all about them. So here is Bob Beggs in his own words: Julie's folks are Les and Patty Ott. (Commonly referred to as "Ma and Pa Kettle"). They have a home in Gilham, AK. where they spend eight or so months per year. The rest of the time, they spend at their cabin in Pembine, WI. They are constantly traveling about, visiting relatives and friends in the Midwest and Ohio/Pennsylvania vicinities.
Les is now a retired Methodist Pastor (we think). This will be his fourth or fifth try at retiring. After retiring and moving to AK about ten years ago, it was not long and he was ministering there. He helped several churches stay afloat and grow. He is a toy car and train collector.
Ma Kettle has a master's in education, has worked with hearing impaired kids, she also likes to garden and be outdoors, away from the phone: probably an aftershock from being the pastor's wife and having to put up with all those people for all those years.
They have a nice place over on Scotch that we are remodeling. We are hoping they will be permanent residents by early next year. Two finer people you will never find.

A new arrival in the family of Ruth Malton or Nanna as she wants to be called by her new Granddaughter Sarah Emmily who was born Wednesday, July 23 weighing in at 7 lb 8 oz. The proud Mother is Linda Lambert.

Birthdays for August are: Ruth Tuttle, Kay Johnson, Fred Frederiksen, Johnny Lopez, and Bob Seeley

Thought for the week : It may cost Californians 20 million to solve a 36 billion deficit with a recall.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is a perfect place to observe Mars as it makes its closest approach to Earth since some 5000 years ago. You can now see it rising out of the East about 10 P.M. and is hard to miss because it is the brightest object there. Even with my modest telescope I was able to make out one of the polar caps when I used a high-powered lens. Mars will reach a magnitude of –2.9 on August 27 when it will be 34,649,589 miles from Earth. So if the sky is clear go on outside and check it out because no one living today will ever see Mars this close again!

Thought for the week: Summer days may be long but its time is too short.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has big board meeting news. Mary Helen has cornered enough volunteers to get the monthly breakfast underway again, at least in the short term. The First Saturday Breakfast will be on September the 6th and if you would like to volunteer to help just git in touch with Mary Helen.

Chris Wagner, a local ham, went on a vacation to Thailand. While he was there, Chris and some local hams broadcasted to other continents by bouncing a radio signals off the moon's surface.
When he arrived after a 40-hour trip, with a stop over in Japan, his host drew him a bath. The tub was 1 meter by 2 feet and Chris plunged in whole and all the water flooded out. It turns out that he was only supposed to sit on the side and wash! He then found that he had lots of new customs to learn.
Being a thrifty lad, one night he decided not to take a taxi, which is only a buck, and got lost in the back alleys of this strange country. Chris passed thru the slums with people prowling around in the darkness, when he rounded a corner and bump into an elephant, which to Chris’s great fortune was a friendly elephant.
Thailand has a lot to offer, Chris says, from tasty meals to great beaches and blissful foot massages. He vows to return a few times every year.
If you have a vacation story you would like to share, please, send them on to me and we’ll git them printed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having Potluck next Saturday and I was told to tell ya’all to be there at 4:00 instead of 4:30. Ya see the reason is that we start eating at 4:30, which is what I usually put in the paper, but people misunderstood it to mean that they were to arrive around that time and would have plenty of time to setup their fixings that they brought. Well we had some people showing up as late as 5 P.M. when everyone else was done eating and little was left to eat. So now you have been warned. Potluck starts at 4:00 on the last Saturday of every month!

Thought for the week: The passage of time leaves one with both a sense of loss and fulfillment. Good friends will always be good friends, and of course, family will remain family. Memories are our greatest support and defense in our journey through time.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard that Bob Stonebraker had been taken to the hospital early last Sunday and kept for a couple of days observation after complaining of weakness to his left side. The good news is that his strength is returning and he has been seen flirting with the nurses that come around. He wants everyone to know that there is nothing to fret about and he should be back at Bingo soon. Git well old friend!

Don’t forgit that the First Saturday Breakfast is to recommence next Saturday after a summer’s hiatus. There will be golden pan-fried pancakes dripping with butter, buttermilk biscuits smothered in homemade sausage gravy, eggs anyway ya want them, bacon and or sausage, home fried potatoes and lots of hot coffee. Ya can hear yer arteries solidify as ya eat! So ya better git on down to our community center and bring a big appetite.
Breakfast starts at 8 A.M. and ends at 11.

Thought for the week: Life does have meaning and purpose and its yer job to find it and not waste it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a rip roaring Potluck last Saturday with almost 40 folks showing up. We even had a blind auction, where people bid for donated stuff that’s in a plain paper bag, and made somewheres around $115.00 for our community center. The silver tongued Chris Jonas was the auctioneer. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the potluck cause I had a bad summer cold, but these good folks brought me a care package that contained a bowl of Stoney’s famous chili beans, and sweet Sherry Rotruck’s fabulous salad.
Now next Saturday is the community board meeting and it starts at 10 A.M. sharp! So put on yer best church attire, slick back yer hair, and check yer guns, knives, and brass knuckles at the door.

Thought for the week: You can wait for the perfect moment, the perfect someone, or the perfect place. But just remember that yer friends are here right now.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a very good turnout for the First Saturday Breakfast and we can all thank the crew that did the work that made it such a success. They are Ruth, Mary Helen, and Steve Tuttle, Bill and Marie Morrison, Ruth Moltron, Patrick Whalen, and Priscilla Drew. If I forgot someone let me know and I will put it in next week. Also, all were happy to see Kaye Hileman, who had been ill of late, drop on by with her Daughter for breakfast and chew the fat with the folks.

I forgot to put the birthdays for the month in last week’s column, so here they are: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Donna Myers, Kimberly Herrera, Roz and Ed Drzal, and Marcie Hines.

Thought for the week: If someone wants to debate you on why we are involved in Afghanistan, just ask them how they felt on 9/11/01. That’s why, I believe, we’re really there and I feel that’s justification enough for me.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is enjoying the last of the summer season and looking forward for fall and its moderate weather. I can git out more now that the temp has gotten down to around 100 degrees and do my walking and exercises. I had a wonderful hike last week, but when I got back home there was a swarm of bees under the eave in front of my house. Must have been a thousand of them little critters buzzing around the place. I called Roger Smith to ask him what I should do and he said he’d be right over with his bee equipment. While I was waiting for Roger, Mat Villarreal and his girlfriend Trish came by on their evening walk and when I reveal the swarm of bees, Trish ran back to their house to grab a camera. When Roger arrived Mat started taking pictures of the bee removal process and you can see them on our website CopperMountainMesa.com. I left out the ones where Roger got stung.

We had a nice little birthday party for Marcie Hines last Saturday and watched the Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley fight as we ate fried chicken. Marcie, who is a De La Hoya fan, got really excited when Mosley won. Everyone at the party felt that Oscar had won.

Thought for the week: One thing that separates our country from all the others is we Americans ride the bulls, while other countries run with them or from them!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is a window on the universe during these nice crisp moonless autumn nights. Last Monday instead of watching the new premiers of shows about people I don’t even care about, I went out and watched the night sky. I wanted to reacquaint myself with the constellations and their stars and just have an interesting and educational evening. I immediately found the Big Dipper and followed its pointer stars, Merak and Dubhe at the front of the cup, to Polaris the North Star that is about 3 fists held at arms length above the horizon. Once I had gotten orientated with True North it was easy to find my way around. I found the big “W” that is Cassiopeia and used its star Schedir to point the way to the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda is faint and hard to see with the naked eye, if you think you see it, don’t look right at it, just offset your vision a bit to one side and it will appear. This can be used on real faint stars too. Andromeda in a small telescope looks like an elongated fuzz ball. So if you’re as disgusted with what’s on TV as I am, go outside, there is always something interesting playing in our night sky.

Don’t fergit that potluck is today, Saturday, at 4 P.M. with a blind auction to be held afterwards.

Thought for the week: What you desire to be in life is based on choices you made in the past. You can begin now by choosing wisely.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had another fantastic potluck last Saturday with many fine desert folk showing up. Everyone was excited with anticipation for Dan Adelsperger to arrive with a long awaited special culinary confection concocted to delight the most demanding palate, and indeed it lived up to everyone’s high gustatory expectations. Then afterwards we held our silent auction with that ever quick-witted, smooth-talking, silver-tongued Chris Jonas as auctioneer. There was some heated bidding going on, and in the end our little community had made over $100.00. At our next potluck we will wear scary Halloween costumes and vote on the best one.

Don’t fergit that the Frist Saturday Breakfast is today, Saturday, at 8 A.M. and goes till 11.

Birthdays this month are: Larry Catron, Colleen Schweitzer and Scott Lane.

Thought for the week: When going to a shootout its best to wear yer bulletproof vest.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community usually doesn’t have much in the way of emergencies going on unless you step outside on yer porch on a dark night as I did last Sunday and seen an old 69 Ford truck with its hood up and the engine on fire with someone franticly throwing dirt on it. The truck was just down the road apiece and it was no trouble for me to fill up a large bucket with water and walk on over and put the fire out. The owner Tim Lower, who lives over on Lear and Winters Road, thanked me as we pushed the old Ford off to the side of the road. I also thanked him for giving me something interesting to write about in my column.

Thought for the week: Fanaticism is the practice of faulty logic and the corruption of the truth.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is preparing for next week’s Scary Potluck, where the denizens of the desert will turn into ghosts and hobgoblins and be unleashed unto the October night. So put on yer costume and come on down next Saturday at 4 P.M. and join in on the fun.

Now, if the truth were known there really are supernatural creatures that walk this desert floor here in Copper Mountain Mesa that makes trouble for us human beings. They crawl up from deep subterranean fissures where they live most of the year scheming and planning their evil deeds. Their leader is a wicked weasel that slithers around in the dark whispering falsehoods to deceive the naive and feeds on their fear. Others are carnivorous pumpkins that hide among regular gentle jack-o-lanterns and will bite you if ya git too near, and then there's them green yapping lizards that babble on and on about nothing and won’t shut up. Yer wise to avoid these creatures and have a Happy Halloween!

Thought for the week: It is easy to say yes, but takes practice saying no.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community, if the truth be known, really has supernatural creatures that walk the desert floor and makes trouble for us human beings. They crawl up from deep subterranean fissures where they live most of the year scheming and planning their evil deeds. Their leader is a wicked weasel that slithers around in the dark whispering falsehoods to deceive the naive and feeds on their fear. Others are carnivorous pumpkins that hide among regular gentle jack-o-lanterns and will bite you if ya git to near, and green yapping lizards that babble on and on about nothing and won't shut up. Yer wise to avoid these creatures and have a Happy Halloween!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community will hold our CMMCA Annual Meeting, where we elect our officers, next Saturday, Nov. 8 at 2 P.M. There are four positions to fill and here are the CMMA members who are running for the CMMA Board of Directors: Dan Adelsperger, Dolores Jefferson, Mary Helen Tuttle, Bob Seeley and Ila Foyil. So come on down and cast yer vote for these fine folks!

We had a superb scary potluck last Saturday with lots of folks dressed in frightening costumes, there was food for all and all had a fine time. We would like to thank Marge Seeley for her effort she took to setup all the creepy decorations.

Captain Michael Villarreal has headed up a Disaster Preparedness Crew, to hold an Open House following the annual community center meeting and elections on November 8. Captain Villarreal, along with his Brother Tim Villarreal has recently completed Red Cross Staff Academy of 40 hours Disaster Training. Captain Villarreal will have Station 44 doors open following the center’s meeting for information on the Disaster Preparedness Project.

Birthdays this month are: Jan Bonner and Joel Levey.
By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has heard from Ruth Tuttle that her grandson Kyle Tuttle will graduate from Army Boot Camp at Fort Benning Georgia November 7. He will train to become an Army Ranger after Boot Camp. Ruth told me that she sent him a gift of 3’dozen cookies and his Drill Sergeant made him eat every one of them in one sitting! Kyle is a 2003 Graduate of Yucca Valley High School and achieved many MPV awards with his track team. He was also awarded $ 32,500 scholarship from the Army.

CMMCA Annual Meeting, where we elect our officers, is today. Saturday, Nov. 8 at 2 P.M. So come on down and cast yer vote! And then afterwards come on over to Station 44 where Captain Michael Villarreal will have the doors open and will answer yer questions about the Disaster Preparedness Project.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had our CMMCA Annual Meeting last Saturday, where we elected our new officers for the Board of Directors. There were four positions to fill. Many members turned out to vote, some I haven't seen in a long time. There were sandwiches, cookies and donuts provided by Marcie Hines, Ruth Tuttle, Roz Drzal and Marge Seeley. Before the vote, Treasurer Earl Wilbert gave an elegant speech thanking those who contributed so much hard work and time, which made this year a success for our association. After the votes were tallied: Mary Helen Tuttle, Dan Adelsperger, Mike Mc Dermott, and Bob Seeley were elected to the CMM Board of Directors. Steve Tuttle is now the President of our Association. Dan Adelsperger and Mike Mc Dermott are the VIPs. We would like to thank all who came down and voted and also those who ran for the board.

Thought for the week: One difference to watch for in a candidate running for an office is: Are they running for title and prestige or running to serve.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community gets some letters:
From Mary Helen Tuttle: “Hi Bob - Here's a couple of items for your column…. First - I'd like to thank everyone who cast their votes in my favor during the recent election. I lost out by only 5 votes! Pretty darn good for an unknown. Just wait, two more years and I'll be at it again. Congratulations to the new board members of the JBWD. Second - The Copperettes Annual Christmas Basket Drive is on. A brightly papered box at the Center is collecting food donations and the Copperettes are collecting money donations. The baskets will be chock full of items for a wonderful Christmas holiday for needy families in the Copper Mountain Mesa Area. If someone would like to receive a basket, they need to call me themselves, Mary Helen @ 366-2648 between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm please. (Or leave a message with your name and phone number) Calls must be made by December 1st.”

From Marge Seeley: “We were out all day yesterday - went to Palm Springs so Bob could be in the Veterans Day Parade. The weather was lousy. It sprinkled on and off and than it finally cleared off but no sun. Oh well the parade went on any way and all was well. Had about 25 of the Pearl Harbor Survivors there and lots of other organizations, plus bands, etc. 2 big B17 airplanes flew over to start the parade and all went well. Our survivor who is the oldest one [97] is now in a rest home and now able to attend and march any more. They furnished cars for those now unable to march. I guess 5 or 6 did march and carried the flag and banner. No, Bob was not one of those to march. Anyway, afterwards we went to bingo so you know we were pooped when we got home.”

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community will have Potluck today, Saturday 29, at 4 P.M. We will dine on leftover Thanksgiving fare and then hold a Blind Auction afterwards. So come on down with yer turkey leftovers for the potluck and bring an offering for the auction in a plain paper bag.

Please don’t forget the Copperettes Annual Christmas Basket Drive. The Center has a collection box for food and the Copperettes are collecting money donations for needy families in the Copper Mountain Mesa Area. If someone would like to receive a basket please call Mary Helen @ 366-2648 between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm. (Or leave a message with your name and phone number) Calls must be made by December 1st.

Thought for the week: Don’t live yer life looking thru review mirrors cause ya just might fail to notice the proper turnoff.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a candlelight potluck last Saturday when the electric power went out due to some poor soul who hit a utility pole down on Lear Avenue and Two Mile Road. It made for an exciting dinner using candles and flashlights. We had sweet Sherry Rotruck’s salad, with Dan Adelsperger’s Mexican meatball surprise, along with much fine fare to dine on. Then we had our Blind Auction, which was truly blind because there was still no power to the lights. All and all, we had a really great time in the dark and raised $150 for our annual Food Basket Fund Drive. Wouldn’t ya know the power to the lights came back on just as we were ending the auction and getting ready to leave.

Once we all got home most of us found that our phones didn’t work due to some kind of area outage the phone company said, and we wouldn’t have phone service until Sunday at 10 AM.
All that happened Saturday. Sunday Night Bob Seeley drove by the center and noticed that no security lights were on and notified Bob Stonebraker, who notified Steve Tuttle when he couldn’t open the circuit box with the keys he had. Steve didn’t have the key either and we opened the circuit box by cutting the lock. We threw the main breaker and nothing happen so we kind of figured that it was the fuse on the utility pole and called Edison who came out that night and replaced it. What a weekend!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would really like to thank Sandra Foyil who has donated $200 in the memory of Tex Foyil to the Copper Mountain Mesa Food Basket Fund. This and other donations will be put to good use providing food to needy families in our community. Sandra’s donation will be presented to the community at this Saturday’s board meeting. Sandra lives in Linwood New Jersey.

Otherwise there ain’t a whole lot going on out here. Seems like everyone is running around trying to git things together for Christmas and just too busy to let me know what’s happening.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had another blackout last Sunday; around 2 P.M. a vehicle hit utility poles on Lear Ave. by Rufus Stokes house, and lasted Monday morning at about 4:15 A.M. when the electric was restored. This is the second time in two weeks utility poles have been hit on Lear Ave. and a blackout of our area has occurred. I was told many conflicting accounts about the accident. Some said it was a hit and run, and some report an injured lady found in a field. Since I don’t know the facts I’ll just leave it at that, except to say, WATCH OUT FOR THOSE UTILITY POLES ON LEAR AVENUE!

Now I want ya all to have a Merry Holiday and be safe! Don’t forgit to come to our “No Stress Potluck”, which will be next Saturday 27 at 4 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is just now getting over the Christmas rush and getting ready for New Year’s celebrations. As this year comes to a close, we would all like to thank those individuals who volunteered and contributed to our little community. The folks who work the USDA food distribution, the folks who run the Bingo games on Tuesday nights, the Board of Directors who govern our little community, the gals who sell merchandise at the center, and those folks who work the Saturday Breakfasts and Potlucks. These folks deserve our thanks and our recognition!
Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

© 2003